Let Them Know You Missed Them


My small group gave me a really special gift today.


I was really impressed. It was a photograph and you’d never know it, but there’s some digital magic. They put you in a setting with them, where you actually weren’t there.


It was a special day and we were out of town. I missed it and they missed me so much they grafted me into the photo. And it made me feel so included.


It was a pretty special gift. I think it’s always special when we let someone know how much we’ve missed them when they haven’t been able to join us for something.


It’s really true. I feel most loved sometimes when we’ve been apart, and you let me know that you’ve held me in your thoughts and you really missed me.


Friend, think about that in your own relationship. How can you let your partner know you’ve missed them and that you’ve been thinking of them today?


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