Shine.FM Momcast #17: Developing a Servant’s Heart in your Child

Join Shine.FM’s Heather Erbe as she welcomes guest Sara Vaughn, 1st grade teacher at Lansing Christian School in Lansing, Michigan. Sara has some great tips on helping your child have a servant’s heart. Click here to find out more about Lansing Christian School. Don’t forget to subscribe to all the Shine.FM podcasts for the latest episodes.

First United Methodist Church – Wilmington, IL

Congratulations to Pastor Harriette Cross and First United Methodist Church for being named Shine.FM’s Church of the Week for Sunday, September 1st, 2019. Located at 401 East Kahler Road in Wilmington, IL, they can be reached by phone (815) 476-5474.

The Kitchen Table #21: Can Christians Get A Tattoo?

On this week’s episode, Shine.FM’s Brian and son, Jake, compare tattoos and discuss whether Christians should ink up.  In Music Matters, songs from Downhere, Hollyn and an Oldie but Goldie from Michael W. Smith. In Culture Shock, specific ways we can pray for our children in school.

Reach A Village

March Difference Maker: Reach A Village

Reach A Village seeks to be a light and a witness to people in rural villages throughout the world who have yet to hear the Good News of Christ. It was founded in 2012 by a group of experienced Christian leaders trained in foreign and domestic missions. Reach A Village partners with local ministries in countries around the world who have the same burden and vision to reach people with the Gospel.

The unreached people living in rural villages will be reached by their own countrymen and women living in villages within traveling distance. Reach A Village is committed to helping local Christian workers reach the unreached within their nation by providing Scripture resources and training programs for church planting and growth.

The goal of Reach A Village is to encourage and equip capable, indigenous Christian ministries and local churches to fulfill the great commission by providing resources and Bibles.

To find out more about Reach A Village visit

February Difference Maker: GRIP Outreach for Youth

GRIP Outreach For Youth realizes that the only thing that can fill the void in the life of the fatherless child is the love of God the Father. As a result, GRIP’s mission is to break the fatherless cycle through Christ-centered, Life-on-Life relationships.

In 2004, GRIP Outreach For Youth launched as a local ministry reaching fatherless teens in Chicago’s Cabrini Green Housing Projects. Today, GRIP has grown, as they have developed training tools and urban ministry resources that are being used globally.

GRIP’s Life-on-Life approach builds a network of support for young people: engaging them in their homes, serving them in their schools, plugging them into local churches, and providing them with practical resources for their development. Life-on-Life is a relationship that is so much more than mentorship. These relationships model what it means to be a man or woman of God while at home, running errands, playing sports, serving others in the community, or studying the Bible. GRIP extends an invitation to know the love of God, to know their purpose and identity, and to grow as young leaders in their homes, schools, churches, and communities.

GRIP now trains churches and organizations across the country to implement GRIP’s programs and resources with their own volunteers and youth within their communities, multiplying Life-on-Life impact in Chicago and across the country. Learn more at


December Difference Maker: Angel Tree

Angel Tree is a national outreach out of Prison Fellowship that reaches out to 2.7 million children in the United States whose parent or parents are incarcerated. Angel Tree provides an invaluable connection to inmates and their children, who may never get to visit their mom or dad behind bars.

Prisoners’ children are the most severely at-risk children and youth in America. Angel Tree is an important way to reach out tokids struggling to deal with the anger, hurt, and disappointment they feel over their parent’s incarceration.
Through Angel Tree, children hear from volunteers about the One God who loves them. By mobilizing churches, organizations and individuals, Angel Tree works to provide prisoners’ children with Christmas gifts and to encourage adults’ involvement in the children’s lives throughout the year. This begins simply by brightening Christmas for the children of prisoners.
The cost to help reach one child is only $14.08. Click here to donate or call 1-855-50-ANGEL.
Thank you, Angel Tree for being a Difference Maker around the nation.  To learn more about becoming a Shine.FM Difference Maker email or call 815.939.5330.

Daughter of God – Reach A Village

This girl is the first Christian in her village. In the past, she hated Christians. She heard they eat meat and do other disgusting things not allowed by Buddhism. She wanted to travel to Yangon to get a job. She heard of a man offering a school program there. It was a Christian man teaching the Bible and that is when her heart opened to the Gospel. She learned about the love of God and became a believer. She loves the song “I Surrender All” and cries every time she sings it. “It touches me very deeply in my heart. I cannot control my tears.

Now I am concerned about my parents and the others in the village. I love Christ more than anything and I want to share Him with my village. I now know that my Buddhist religion is empty and has no meaning for me. All of our statues are lifeless and cannot help us. God has been providing for all my needs. I am a daughter of God. I am enjoying my life now.”

My mother asked her if she became a Christian. She said “No, I have become a daughter of God”. Her mother has not condemned her, but there are other villagers who say bad things about me, but I forgive them because they do not know what they’re doing. Please pray for me, my mother, and our village.

Buddhist Monk Turns To Christ – Reach A Village

I was born into a family of devout Buddhists, and was raised in a village. Though my family was very religious and went regularly to the temple, I used to drink and gamble. When I reached high school age, I moved to another area. When I finished school, I did not want to return to the farm to work but instead went to Yangon to look for a job in the city. While there, a man approached me and asked if I wanted to go abroad. Some of my friends went to Malaysia as migrant workers, but my parents could not afford to send me to work abroad. But a Christian pastor saw me and ask if I would like to go to Korea. If I gave him $400, he could get me to Korea for work.

He said, “Now if you go to Korea, it is a Christian country. Do you know anything about Christianity?” “No, I only go to the monastery and I know about our religion and the laws and beliefs.” I even stayed as a monk in the Yangon monastery. Even though I was quite versed in Buddhism, I didn’t know anything about Christianity. The pastor said, “Well, if you go to Korea, you will have a short training about Christianity to see if you’re ready or not to go.”
My parents said that it sounded good you and encouraged me take the short training.

It was the very first time I’d ever met a Christian. They did not worship at all like Buddhists. Buddhists bow down before an image; instead, they just sang songs, smiled, and seemed very happy. A very strange feeling came to my heart. The pastor urged me to study for a few more months so I would really understand Christian-ity. So I attended the training and became very interested. One of the teachers during the training said, “Jesus is not just the God of the Christians. He is the God of everybody. You can test him and see that He is the God of all.”

I learned about two different kinds of gods: one that is the Creator who created different things in the earth and the other god was created by human hands. The teacher made it clear to me that there were many gods under heaven, but in heaven there is only one true God. And this true God came down from heaven in Jesus Christ to save sinners. When I heard about the Savior Jesus, I believed that He was my real father, my heavenly Father. I had known many stepfathers, but this father was real. This was the God who had made me. Before I finished the training, I knew that I was a citizen of heaven and I no longer wanted to go to Korea to work. I was born again by His spirit and became baptized.

When I went back to my village and told my parents that I was so glad that now we can go to a heavenly kingdom. If we know Jesus, through Him we can get to the heavenly kingdom. But my mother was very angry. “I wanted you to go to Korea but you did this silly thing and believe these silly beliefs.”

All of my former friends and relatives gave me a new name. I was a former Buddhist in the priesthood, so they called me ‘So-lo-que’. It means ‘a little Christian dog.’ My family was very embarrassed of me. I was a disgrace. My parents ask me to leave the house. I told them, “You may be able to feed me here on earth to keep me alive, but you can do nothing for me after death. But Jesus said that if we believe in Him, He will take care of us after death.” I gladly left my parents and continued to study the Word of God. After some time, I went back to my village, and I tried to witness to them again. By this point, I truly understood my faith in Jesus Christ. I did not talk about religion to them, but about my relationship to Jesus Christ. And I tried to introduce them to the living Savior. At that time, they were more open and receptive to the Gospel. I shared about the changes in my life. Slowly, they understood and changed their attitude toward me. My friends began to ask me to share my life-changing story because they remembered how bad I used to be. By the grace of God and my persistence, one after another, the other people began to received Jesus.

I believe I have sowed the eternal seed into their hearts. I have become a true son of God and now many of them also have become followers. I planted the church near the market with two other families. There are about 15 of us. My wife and three daughters are all believers. One of the ways I share my faith is through my hands. People with ailments especially the older people appreciate my skills in massage. As I relieve their pain, I share the Gospel with them. I have reached many people that way. Please pray for our new congregation—that each one will become a true disciple of Jesus Christ and take the Gospel back to their own areas and their own families.

Enna – Reach A Village

Enna is the only survivor of her family from Cyclone Nargis that claimed 84,000 Burmese lives in 2008. Relief workers from churches came to help the survivors. One worker gave me a Bible. I began to read it from the beginning and learned that there was a creator of heaven and earth. I was trying to earn a living by washing clothes, and earned about $1 per day. I borrowed money from a friend of mine and needed to repay it but had no money. I asked God to help pay my debt. On two different occasions, I found money that someone had left in my house! I was happy to repay her. It was at that time that someone shared the Gospel with me and I knew that I should believe and became a Christian. God has blessed my life ever since.

October Difference Maker: GOTCHA!


GOTCHA! is an acronym for Giving Ourselves To Christ with Humility and Accountability. Through Centershot Ministries, local churches can adopt this life-skill archery program that assists in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Centershot Ministries works to “make Christ the bulls eye of your life.” With Centershot Ministries, GOTCHA! Outdoors evolved through the prayers of people wanting to serve God by using the outdoors as their sanctuary. This is a nine week program that shows and tells the love of Christ through an archery class. They target children and teenagers ages ten to 18.
Archery has no boundaries. Students learn about God and archery in a Spirit-led environment. Not only do they improve their archery skills each week, but they are presented the gospel in an informal way. GOTCHA! Outdoors is opening doors for people to step up and allow God to use them in ministry. Instructors are dedicated to their students and take great pleasure in reflecting the love of Jesus Christ while making lasting friendships. God continues to use GOTCHA! Outdoors in planting the seeds of salvation in the hearts of the community.