Treating a Mule


A patient needed advice: “My spouse never wants to go to the doctor, even when he’s sick. What can I do?”

Well, this is a classic issue that can cause a lot of frustration, worry, and sometimes even lead to tragic results.

You may feel like you’re married to a mule, but stubbornness isn’t always the issue. Some people are simply fearful or embarrassed, and afraid to admit it.

So what can you do when you’re concerned that someone you care for is neglecting themselves or even in danger?

Well, you can be honest about your feelings. Using love as a motivator versus sounding like a parent makes a big difference. And of course, you can pray. That’s the most powerful tool of all.

And if there’s an emergency, just do it—get help, no matter what your spouse is saying. You may bruise an ego, but you also may save a life.

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