Go Nuts


A patient came to me confused. “One moment I hear nuts are fattening.  Then I hear they’re good for me. Which is the truth?”

Well, the truth about nuts is a little nutty. Yes, they are fattening. And yes, you should eat them. I’ll explain.

Research shows those who regularly eat a daily serving of nuts reduce their risk of heart disease by 25 percent, and their overall risk of death by 20 percent. Now that is nuts.

There are handfuls of studies showing other health benefits of nuts, so I recommend them. However, they are high in fat and calories, so sticking to a serving a day is best.

Rather than adding them to the diet you’re already eating, use them to replace foods like meats, refined grains, sweets or processed snacks. And talk to your doctor about which ones are the healthiest. Some are much better for you than others.

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