Aspirin a Day

Millions of us take low dose aspirin every day as a way to help our heart. But it may be time to put “an aspirin a day” to bed.

Now, I don’t mean get rid of the idea. I recommend daily aspirin therapy to some of my patients. However, new research shows aspirin may be most effective when it’s taken at night.

Most heart attacks and strokes occur in the morning, and it’s believed aspirin’s effects on the blood will have the greatest impact when taken in the evening. In fact, researchers found a reduced risk for the conditions in those who took an aspirin at night. Many naturally take it in the morning or early in the day.

If you’re not taking a daily aspirin, check with your doctor first. But if you’re already on aspirin therapy, and your doctor has recommended it, consider taking it as you tuck in.

Stronger Families. Stronger Communities. I’m Dr. Walt Larimore for Shine dot FM.

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