Brian McIntyre Utter

shine-19Brian McIntyre Utter contracted a strange virus at age 15 when he started working for a small town newspaper in Central Illinois. It is a very contagious virus and really only has one symptom – a burning passion to use media to share the love of Christ. This virus led Brian to infect others as a missionary in South America for seven years creating radio, television and Internet ministries in Spanish and Portuguese. Brian returned with his family in 2008 and has since led the ministry globally and continues to serveWorld Mission Broadcast as the global coordinator.

Brian has been married to his college sweetheart, Lynne since 1991 and they have two boys: Jacob & Michael. Brian is passionate about adoption, having adopted his youngest son, Michael.

Megan Groen

megan1I’m Megan Groen, and I live in DeMotte, Indiana with my wonderful family of five: my parents, Jeff and Dianna, and two sisters, my twin Kayla and my little sister Sara. I am attending Olivet Nazarene University where I am majoring in Multimedia Communications to pursue my love for media. Through this program, God has blessed me with the opportunity to work at Shine.FM, a station I grew up listening to but never dreamed I would work for! I am so grateful for the opportunity to work here, and I pray that my dream of impacting others can help me reach people for Christ.

I love to be adventurous, from hiking and spending time in nature to going on vacations! I love playing sports like tennis and basketball and watching football games and NASCAR races. I’m a typical family girl, and I simply love spending time with my family and friends!

Dan De Bord

I share a love and passion for radio, baseball and hockey.   I am very excited to be a part of the Shine.FM family. I am married to my wonderful wife Kim and we have three wonderful children Matt, Connor and Riley. (oh, and Harley the Shih Tzu and Levi the Guinea Pig). My family is my driving force and supporting cast that deserves all the credit for me being where I am today. Please do not give up on your dreams.  I went back to college 30 years after graduating high school. Life will happen, just roll with it, be patient and take advantage of the breaks you receive and do not question where you are or why. Just follow his lead, he will not leave you alone in your life.

Isaac Ambrose

I am Isaac Ambrose and I am from Grand Rapids, Michigan. I attend Olivet Nazarene University and I am majoring in Multimedia Communications to pursue a career in broadcasting. I have always loved broadcasting ever since taking classes in this field in high school. I have a passion for sports and most of my life is based around it. I have my own sports podcast and would love to work for a sports network someday. God has blessed me in so many ways including bringing me to Olivet and allowing me to work at Shine.FM.