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Brian McIntyre Utter

Brian McIntyre

Brian McIntyre Utter contracted a strange virus at age 15 when he started working for a small town newspaper in Central Illinois. It is a very contagious virus and really only has one symptom – a burning passion to use media to share the love of Christ. This virus led Brian to infect others as a missionary in South America for seven years creating radio, television and Internet ministries in Spanish and Portuguese. Brian returned with his family in 2008 and has since led the ministry globally and continues to serveWorld Mission Broadcast as the global coordinator.

Brian has been married to his college sweetheart, Lynne since 1991 and they have two boys: Jacob & Michael. Brian is passionate about a healthy lifestyle after changing his life and dropping nearly 150 lbs in 2012. He is also passionate about adoption, having adopted his youngest son, Michael.

On Sunday mornings we give put you in the mindset of worship with our Shine Worship program hosted by Justin Knight.

Carl Fletcher

Carl Fletcher

Growing up in northern Michigan, a place where Christian music wasn’t available on the radio, fueled my passion for Christian music. I remember befriending the local Christian Music Bookstore owner as a pre-teen and filling in for him when he was gone in exchange for music instead of money. I recall wondering why my friends at school didn’t listen to ‘my music’, thinking that they are really missing out on some great stuff.

Today, it’s still true, ‘the masses’ don’t consume some of the best music produced, contemporary Christian music. But I am thrilled to be a part communicating the message of Christ playing ‘my music’ on The New Now, Camille and I raise our four daughters, I’m always excited when I see Christian CDs listed on Christmas lists and song downloads of Christian artists on our computer at home. Our house and cars are full of music most hours of the day, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Justin Knight

Justin Knight

Justin Knight returned to Shine.FM in 2000 after concluding five years as a youth pastor in Columbia, South Carolina and Kankakee, Illinois. Combining his passion for sharing the Good News through music, Justin enjoys expanding the influence and reach of the Shine.FM radio network. Married to Bethany for 15 years, the two are parents to Samuel (8) and Moses (5). Both boys are adopted, but one is their biological son. God has blessed through an unexpected journey to parenthood and Justin is always available to share how the Lord blesses through adoption.

An avid runner, Justin has completed 12 marathons and continues to search for new races while enjoying God’s creation. In June of 2012, he completed the Comrades Marathon, a 56 mile race, in South Africa. Justin runs so others can drink clean water in Africa. You two can run and support Team World Vision in a race near you. His next big race is in Oregon and is a 200 mile relay race to the coast. The team will be running to provide water for 2,000 people in Africa.