Difference Makers: Hope Center

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Hope Center, a Christian cancer support system, was born out of one woman’s desire for those affected with cancer to have the opportunity to renew their spirit with hope, refresh their faith in Jesus, and discover resources to navigate through pain, recovery, and loss.

Kerri Midkiff is a cancer survivor. In March of 2009, Kerri was diagnosed with breast cancer. The emotional toll fighting cancer had on not only herself, but also her family, was greater than she anticipated. The Midkiff family began attending a cancer support center; however, the drive was long. Kerri had a vision to bring a cancer support center closer to her community.

Hope Center is stationed in Lowell Church of Christ in Lowell, Indianna. There are three parts to Hope Center’s mission statement: Be Renewed, Be Refreshed, and Be a Resource. Contact Hope Center to Be Renewed by connecting with the support group and engaging in a curriculum that renews your hope and faith during life’s darkest interruptions. Be Refreshed by knowing that Jesus is beside you every step of the way. Be a Resource for others fighting cancer by sharing your story, your successes, and your failures.

Email Hope Center at hopecenter@lcoc-online.org or call 219.552.1640.