Difference Maker: ForeverU

ForeverU is a pro-love movement that raises awareness for bullying and its emotional effects among teens. The mission of foreverU is to give victims an environment of safety and hope by promoting solutions to bullying: Rethink! Relive! Revive! Rethink what you say, Relive being the better person, and Revive someone’s life.
Ryan Hesslau, the founder of foreverU, is currently a senior at Lincoln-Way East High School in Frankfort, Illinois. Ryan created this organization to reach out to teens. Through their web-site (www.foreverumovement.com), speaking engagements, social media outlets and more, foreverU has grown to four teams of teenagers, all with a common goal.
As a follower of Jesus Christ, Ryan knew God had an unimaginable purpose for his life. Ryan believes God is leading the foreverU movement, and although he can’t bring God’s name into the public school system, Ryan prays that God will work through him before each presentation.
ForeverU digs deeper into the meaning of bullying as well as the solution, and teaches teens to reach out, support, encourage, prosper, and even serve one another in love. Teens are given the opportunity to be part of a solution. Schools have anti-bullying programs, but lack drive and motivation. Experiencing this first hand, Ryan knew that he wanted to give every teen the opportunity to rise as one and end bullying. ForeverU is a teen driven movement led by teens for teens.

Teens want to be part of something. there are many who truly want to help and working with their peers during this critical time in their lives can have a greater impact now than if they waited until after high school.

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