October Difference Maker: GOTCHA!


GOTCHA! is an acronym for Giving Ourselves To Christ with Humility and Accountability. Through Centershot Ministries, local churches can adopt this life-skill archery program that assists in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Centershot Ministries works to “make Christ the bulls eye of your life.” With Centershot Ministries, GOTCHA! Outdoors evolved through the prayers of people wanting to serve God by using the outdoors as their sanctuary. This is a nine week program that shows and tells the love of Christ through an archery class. They target children and teenagers ages ten to 18.
Archery has no boundaries. Students learn about God and archery in a Spirit-led environment. Not only do they improve their archery skills each week, but they are presented the gospel in an informal way. GOTCHA! Outdoors is opening doors for people to step up and allow God to use them in ministry. Instructors are dedicated to their students and take great pleasure in reflecting the love of Jesus Christ while making lasting friendships. God continues to use GOTCHA! Outdoors in planting the seeds of salvation in the hearts of the community.