Good News: Shine.FM Family’s Generosity

Thanks to Shine.FM listener Valentina for sharing her family’s good news story!  She wrote:

Shortly after Hurricane Sandy I heard about a group from the Chicago area that was going to travel out east and donate items to the victims. I read the information and thought my family could help. I started to gather items around our house that we had doubles of.  Then I went through my children’s clothes and chose some pieces to donate.

I have 3 children ages 20, 8 and 5. The morning before I was going to take the items to be donated, I explained to my two younger children what I was doing.  I asked them to donate some of their toys. I explained what happened and how there were children that, as a result of the hurricane, didn’t have toys. I had the car all packed and my 5 year old came to me with one last toy – her favorite stuffed chick named “Chicky.”

I thought maybe since she was only 5, she didn’t understand what I was doing and I said, “Oh Miriam, that’s Chicky!  She’s your favorite!”

She said, “I know mom, I want another little girl to have Chicky that doesn’t have toys.”

I was amazed that at such a young age she had enough compassion for another child that she wanted her to have her favorite toy.

As I got the items ready, I decided to include a picture of Miriam and I put Chicky in a gift bag.  I was told that Chicky would travel in front of the U-Haul, and that the driver would be sure that she was given to a little girl.

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Shine.FM Teens Shine!

Wow!  We love hearing Good News Stories from our Shine.FM listeners.  Here’s another great story from our friends at Crown Point Christian School:


Derek wrote, “This year I have really stepped in my faith.  Before 6th grade, I was a casual Christian.  I went to church, acted good, prayed before every meal, and went to church.  But this year it was different.   I am in Mr. Stallinga’s class and I learned a lot about exploring deeper into Christ.  If I ever have a question, I just look in the Bible. I pray whenever I need comfort, and when I did that this morning, God told me in order to grow in my faith, I need to accept Jesus into my heart for real.  So I did!  My Dad, my best friend Jared, and Mr. Stallinga all encourage me.  Someday I will speak in chapel and tell everyone how to use Christ in school.”

Click here to hear the Good News Story!

Good News: Another Shine.FM Teen Shines

One of our Shine.FM listeners is stepping up in his middle school to point people to Christ.  Way to go Jared!

“Hi I’m Jared Krygsheld. I am in middle school at Crown Point Christian School. When I was six I accepted Christ into my heart but I thought that was all I had two do. From second two the begging of six grade I just prayed when my parents did (at the dinner table) and opened my bible when I had two (bible class). When I had one of my sister’s favorite teachers Mr. Jeff Stalling he really opened my eyes two what I really had two do two make going two heaven worth wild. I talk to the teacher at my school who was in charge of the chapel and got signed up two do one. When that day came I was nerves but ten minutes before the chapel I prayed for me not to be nerves. After I was done I wanted two talk more about Christ because I had finally got over that weird feeling. After that day I have talk to many kids about Christ.”

If you missed Jared’s story on Shine Mornings, listen here.