Shine.FM’s MomCast #8: Kids In Sports

Have you ever wondered how colleges and universtities recruit their athletes? How about if your child focusing on just one sport is a good thing? Today hear from Gary Newsome, the Athletic Director from Olivet Nazarene University as he answers these questions and more on our Momcast! Be sure to subscribe to get all of Shine.FM’s podcasts!

Let’s Smack Talk!

Let’s “smack” “talk”!!

A quick note about your favorite football-sport team: It’s TERRIBLE!!!

Your team is so bad that when I think about that team, I laugh about it, because the way it runs its plays is all backward. Furthermore, half of your guys are, in my opinion, ill-suited for the sport that they’re playing, which is football, and another sport might be a better choice for them so they should pursue those sports, and not this one, which is football.

Good News: Navy SEAL Attempting to Walk on at DE for Northwestern

Tom Hruby doesn’t see his situation attempting to walk on at Northwestern as a defensive end as something outstanding or amazing. Rather, he’s trying something that seems against all odds. After all, he’s a 32-year-old who is married with three kids and he’s also an active Navy SEAL. He’s currently a SEAL instructor at the Great Lakes Naval Station and saved up his leave to participate in Northwestern’s training camp. He played football in high school and after “falling apart as a person” when he was in the latter stages of high school, he started training to become a SEAL and married his wife Jen. He enrolled at Northwestern last year after taking the SAT and has a dorm room on campus. He spends weekends with Jen and their children, as the family lives with his mother after they moved back from Wisconsin. If he makes the team, he hopes to play on special teams. He figures the mentality he gained during SEAL training will help. Click here for more on this DE hopeful!

Good News: Former Florida State DB Turns In Walmart Badge For Shot With Buffalo Bills

On lunch breaks, Jajuan Harley ducked into a bathroom, took off his blue shirt and name tag, changed into workout clothes, and headed outside to run a steep hill until it was time to return to work. Or he would head to the parking lot of his Florida Walmart Superstore, and run around the parking lot, weaving through the rows of shopping cart holders. Or he would sneak into the fitness section and do some dumbbell curls. Anything to chase his football dream that once seemed so assured. Five years ago, Harley was a prized recruit, a four-star safety from Tallahassee. On Jan. 1 of this year, only a few miles from the Florida State campus where he was supposed to become a household name, Harley walked away from his $7.73 per hour salary at Walmart to train full time for one more chance at big-time football. He emailed every single NFL team, hoping for a response. Now, a few months later, he’s the longest of long shots at Buffalo Bills training camp. Click here to find out more about Harley’s ambition and big dreams!

Good News: Lost Red Sox Title Ring Returned By Yankees Fan

A lost Red Sox World Series ring is back on the finger of its owner, thanks to a nifty pickup by a New York Yankees fan. Restaurant owner Luigi Militello couldn’t believe it when he found the 2013 championship ring on a restroom sink at his Manhattan bar and grill. Drew Weber had dined at the restaurant earlier, it’s one of his favorite spots. He’s a New York businessman and also owns the Lowell Spinners, a thriving Red Sox Class A minor league team in Massachusetts. Weber said this was the first time he’d worn the ring outside. Hoping against hope, Weber called Luke’s after midnight. Militello answered the phone and said, yep, he had the ring. The two put their Sox vs. Yankees rivalry behind them and met to exchange the ring and also had a nice chat about baseball. Click here for more on this story!

Good News: Former WWE Champ Daniel Bryan Catches Suspected Burglar

A former WWE champion known as Daniel Bryan chased two burglary suspects he saw exiting his Phoenix home this week and subdued one until officers arrived, investigators said. He and his wife returned home and noticed a door to their home begin to open. While Brianna, his wife, ran in to check on their dog, Daniel chased the intruders and subdued one of the men until police could arrive on the scene. Cesar Sosa, 22, was arrested and is facing a burglary charge. Danielson said he was happy his neighbors called 911 to report suspicious activity about 10 minutes before the couple arrived. Click here for more on this story!



Good News: Kid Nails Shot to Win $50K

At the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Sports Awards Thursday, one lucky kid had five chances in 60 seconds to make one half court shot and win $50,000… on live TV. Ricardo missed his first three attempts, but remained cool, calm and collected. And on his fourth try, Ricardo Jacobo Jr. made the shot! Click here to see this boy’s amazing shot and big reaction to his win!

Good News: Black Oak Little League Restoration Project

After a groups of moms were devastated at the closing of their old elementary school, they decided to fight back in hopes of saving the school! Unfortunately, the school was unable to be saved, but these moms knew the kids in their community deserved something positive out of this sad situation. Little league had been dormant in this Gary community since 1998, so it just made sense to revive this for the children and their parents. Members of the community quickly jumped on board to help in this restoration project making these mom’s vision a reality! Click here for more on this inspirational story out of Gary, Indiana!

Good News: Minnesota Dad Makes Two Great Grabs at Home Run Derby

The only thing cooler than a dad surprising his kids with tickets to the Home Run Derby is being the dad who catches not one, but two home run balls after getting there! Adam Koering was living the dream at Target Field with his three children on Monday night.  After buying four tickets in Section 229 from a friend, the Eden Prairie, Minn., resident caught two homers in the first round. “We caught the first one and I said to the kids ‘That’s pretty good, we can probably go home now,” an excited Koering said between batters. “But then the second one came.” Good thing they stuck around for the second homer that came their way! Click here to see both of these amazing catches!

Good News: Fans Grant Gino Odjick’s Dying Wish and Chant his Name at Vancouver Hospital

Last week, former Canuck Gino Odijick shared the news that he was battling a terminal illness and could have only a few weeks to live. “In my heart, I will always be a Canuck and I have always had a special relationship here with the fans,” he said. “Your ‘Gino, Gino’ cheers were my favorite. I wish I could hear them again.” His wish was quickly granted as hundreds of fans gathered outside Vancouver General Hospital to chant his name. Odijick heard this and was wheeled down to greet and wave to the crowd. Click here to see and hear more on this story!