Shine.FM Momcast #12: Parenting a Special Needs Child

Today on the Shine.FM Momcast our guest is Stacy Faulkner. She is a wife, mom and Digital Relations and Event Coordinator at Hopefm and Power 883 in Port Huron, MI.  Today we hear Stacy’s story of longing for a child, adopting a child, and now the challenges and joys that come from be a mom of a special needs child.

The Kitchen Table #29: Sibling Guilt – Living with a Special Needs Sibling

By far the most raw and emotional episode of The Kitchen Table. Join Shine.FM’s Ministry Director Brian McIntyre Utter and his son Jake as they share their own personal story of the guilt and emotions of siblings in families with special needs children. New songs in Music Matters from Elias Dummer, Ben Rector, and a 1994 oldie, but goldie from Clay Crosse. In Culture Shock, the lessons we can teach of children when sports figures have a major failure. Subscribe today to get all the episodes.

The Kitchen Table #20: How Do We as a Church Respond & Minister to Those with Special Abilities?

Shine.FM’s Ministry Director Brian and his son Jake look this week at our role both as individuals and as a church in ministering to those with special abilities.  In Music Matters, they look at new music from Hillsong United, Phil Wickham and a 1984 oldie but goldie from Kenny Marks who passed away this week. In Culture Shock, Halloween happened this week and we as Christians didn’t become satanists. How do we use Halloween as a teachable moment in the discipleship of our kids.