The Kitchen Table #14: Does God Answer Prayer?

“God answers OUR prayers according to HIS will.” This week Brian and Jake discuss the Faith question: Does God answer prayer? They look at the different ways God answers prayer and share some prayer response stories from their own lives and lives of some friends. In Music Matters they have new music from Zach Williams, Banners and an oldie but goldie from Stryper. In Culture Shock, they remember 9/11 and how it changed our society.

Good News: Restaurant Gives 15% Discount for Prayer

Patrons of Mary’s Gourmet Diner have found that gratitude prior to a meal, can cause another moment of thanks when they receive their bills! Jordan Smith recently said grace before his meal at the Winston-Salem, N.C. restaurant and when the bill came, he found the subtotal to be odd. His waitress was there to explain that they had given him a 15% discount for praying! Mary’s Gourmet Diner has an official policy of giving diners a special savings if they “pray publicly” before chowing down. The restaurant has reportedly offered this discount for four years. While some believe this discount to be unfair, restaurant owner Mary Haglund  claimed, “It’s about the whole idea of gratitude. It’s not a religious thing, it’s a spiritual thing.” Click here for more on this restaurant that loves prayer!

Good News: Grandma’s Dying Thoughts Decoded By The Internet


When a brain tumor took away Dorothy Holm’s ability to speak, she picked up index cards and began filling them, edge to edge, with seemingly random, indecipherable sequences of letters. Her grandchildren saw her scribbling and thought she was leaving them a code — but it was one the preteens couldn’t crack.  18 years later, her granddaughter posted a notecard online asking for help.  Within 13 minutes the mystery had been solved.  Click here to read Dorothy’s final thoughts!



Good News: Praying Woman Saves Kids

A 20-year-old gunman who was talked into surrendering his assault rifle by a cool-as-a-cucumber bookkeeper after he allegedly stormed a school in Dekalb County, Ga., last week.  The school’s bookkeeper, Antoinette Tuff, emerged as a hero after apparently talking Mr. Hill into surrendering his weapons, in part by telling him about her own hard times, including a divorce that ended a 33-year marriage and the difficulties of starting a business.  Annette just started praying for him immediately, and God took control right away.  Listen to her heroic tale here.



Good News: Shark Week Has New Meaning For Family


Erik, his wife, and 4 daughters vacationing in the Bahamas a couple weeks ago.  Erik was standing in the water trying to spear a fish, when all of a sudden, a shark bit his leg.  He started yelling for help.  His family sprung into action, using the radio to call for help.  All the while, the shark is still swimming in the water near him.  Erik said it was one miracle after another from that point on.  He credits the Lord for keeping his head cool and giving him the presence of mind to use rubber bands from his spear to wrap around his leg to stop the bleeding.  A doctor from San Diego just happened to be two minutes away and came quickly to the rescue, getting them to shore and then to a hospital in Miami.  You’ll have to watch this video to believe it!

Dr. Bill Has Two Faith Stories To Inspire Us On This Friday!

Every Monday night in Washington, DC, nearly 100 US congressmen gather to pray for our country.

The Congressional Prayer Caucus began in 2005 when Virginia Representative Randy Forbes was joined by Alabama Representative Robert Aderholt , Texas Representative John Carter and North Carolina Representative Mike McIntyre.

Today it’s standing room only with Republicans and Democrats praying for the country and asking for God’s wisdom, that lawmakers might make the right decisions to govern the nation.

Representative McIntyre says, “The true source of power is not found in the halls of Congress, the Oval Office, or the chambers of the Supreme Court, but it’s found on our knees before the throne of grace and before Almighty God.

The prayer partnership has become a model for civility in Congress.

In other faith news, missionaries on leave are using technology to keep their work going until they can return to the mission field.

Barry Sport is a missionary with New Tribes in Brazil.  He is uses a computer program called V-See to continue his work when he is working to raise support in the states.

While at home in Wisconsin he can create Bible lessons on the Guanano language with a co-worker in Brazil.

The computer video program also allows file sharing, which lets Barry and his co-workers make changes in lessons they both can see.

Barry and his wife, Denise work with New Tribes to plant churches among the Guanano people in the jungles of Brazil.  Keep them and all our missionaries in your prayers!

I’m Bill Maier for Shine.FM.

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Carman Announces Cancer

Popular Christian music artist Carman (Licciardello) announced that he has been diagnosed with an incurable form of cancer.  The artist most known for “The Champion,” “We Are Not Ashamed,” and “Serve the Lord” has been given 3-4 years to live.  Carman is asking for prayers for his new battle.  He writes, “I have a call of God to touch lives with the gospel of Jesus Christ and that’s  what I will do until the Lord calls me home.”  Read his post here, and please, join us in praying for Carman!

Mini-Resolution No 30: Thank Your Boss

Today’s mini-resolution is to thank your boss for his leadership.  Whether the boss is friend or foe, thank him for his hard work in managing your company – and say a prayer for him while you’re at it!

Mini-Resolution No 29: Pray For Your Child’s Teacher

Today’s mini-resolution is to pray for your child’s teacher!  Thank God for her role in your child’s life and pray for wisdom, patience, and encouragement for her.

Mini-Resolution No 28: Write A Letter

Today’s mini-challenge is very near to my heart — write a letter to a man or woman serving in our military.  My cousin Matt serves in the Air Force and was just deployed to Afghanistan the day after Christmas.  However, if you don’t know anyone serving at home or overseas, I found this website that can help you send a letter.  Let’s not forget those who continue to fight for our freedom!