Good News: Two-Legged Dog Beating the Odds

Owners of Duncan, a two-legged 9 month old Boxer, describe him as a happy-go-lucky, normal puppy loving his life. Duncan was born with a birth defect causing an amputation of both of his back legs to be necessary. While it’s obvious that his hind legs are not there, his owners don’t discuss it and try very hard to make it not a big deal. They have done tons to make sure that Duncan still has a great, quality life such as buying him wheelchairs, but Duncan refuses to walk with them. He has chosen on his own to learn how to do what any other dog with four legs would do! Click here for more on this dog who has beaten the odds!

Good News: Farmer Serenades Cows with Trombone Cover, Everyone Is Moo-ved

Kansas farmer Derek Klingenberg performed a cover of Lorde’s  hit, “Royals,” from his pasture-side lawn chair. The cow’s reactions could not have been better! In the first few minutes of the video, cows begin gathering together checking out their farmer’s music. By the end of the video, the cows are mooing along with the music as if they are singing the tune! Click here to see this farmer and his musical cows!

Good News: Florida Dog Freed After Spending Two Days Stuck Beneath Home

A Florida dog rescued by three Humane Society employees is home safe with her family after being lost for two days. The dog, however, was really home with her family the whole time. She was stuck underneath the home and only discovered when her owner heard her whimpering. Though the call came in at the end of the workday Monday, and digging dogs out from underneath homes is not a regular service, three Humane Society employees volunteered to go and try to rescue the dog at her Clearwater home. After two hours of digging in the Florida heat, the Humane Society staffers safely pulled the dog, a 35-pound Shepherd mix named Abby, out from under the home and returned her to her owners. Click here for more on this unusual rescue!

Good News: Dog Passes Out From Excitement After Being Reunited With-Family Member

An excited dog has quickly become a YouTube sensation. 9 year old Casey was recently reunited with a family member she hadn’t seen in over two years. When they meet, Casey dashes up to her human best friend squealing for an extended period of time and eventually seems to pass out from all the excitement! The family was concerned with their dog’s fainting but a veterinarian has deemed her to be healthy! Click here to see this sweet reunion!

Good News: Homeless Man Who Sold Sketches Of Dog Now Featured In Art Show

John Dolan, a 43-year-old artist living in England, struggled with poverty, drug addiction and homelessness for much of his life. One day, a fellow homeless woman gave Dolan a Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppy. The dog’s name was George, and he would come to transform his new owner’s life. For three years Dolan sold sketches of George and the surrounding buildings to passersbys for a few dollars, until he was approached by a gallery director named Richard Howard-Griffin. Howard-Griffin discovered him and helped him put on his first art show last year and it was a huge success. Click here to see some of Dolan’s many sketches!

Good News: Junkyard Dog Walks Miles Every Day To Feed Her Friends

Lilica is a sweet dog who was abandoned at a junkyard in São Carlos, Brazil. Though she was surrounded by poverty and desolation, she found companionship there. Cats, chickens, other dogs and even humans soon became her friends. When Lilica gave birth to a litter of puppies, she started wandering far and wide in search of food for them. These were risky expeditions that involved traveling for miles and crossing roads and highways at night in the pitch darkness; but eventually her wandering led her to Lucia Helena de Souza’s backyard. De Souza immediately took to Lilica and started feeding her. Every day, Lilica trekked across town to visit de Souza, and she’d devour the food that that was put in plastic bags for her. Before long, de Souza noticed that Lilica wasn’t finishing her food. Instead, the dog was walking off with the bags. Lilica’s behavior baffled de Souza, who eventually decided to follow the pooch — all the way to the junkyard. Incredibly, it turned out that Lilica had been carrying the food back with her so she could share it with the other junkyard animals. She’d been saving meals that she could’ve eaten herself so her friends wouldn’t go hungry. Click here to see this sweet dog caring for her babies and junkyard friends!

Good News: Pit Bull Took Care of Chihuahua While Living on the Streets

Joanie, a pit bull mix, was found last week in Savannah, Georgia, carrying Chachi, a Chihuahua mix, in her mouth. These two have formed an incredible bond which is evident by the care Joanie offers little Chachi, who is suffering a terrible infection in her eye. Metro Animal Control officers say they have never seen “doggy-duo devotion” like this before. No families have come forward to claim these dogs, but Animal Control is working hard to keep them together in their adoption. Click here to see more about these adorable pups!

Good News: Recycling Machine Dispenses Dog Food for Strays

Instanbul, Turkey is currently home to thousands of stray dogs living on the city’s streets. Instanbul also has a recycling problem. To help with both issues, a new vending machine, designed by Pugedon, has been invented to dispense a fixed amount of food for the animals for each recyclable bottle it receives. Pedestrians can also empty the bottles into the machine to provide water for the dogs as well. The plastic recovered not only covers the cost for the dog food, but it is also saved from ending up in a landfill through this new machine! Click here to see more!

Good News: Saint Bernard Fascinated By Fearless Kitten

A Saint Bernard named Bella is totally taken with her family’s new kitten, staring at it, smelling it, and even pawing at it. This kitten though, barely even notices Bella’s existence. Maybe this friendship wasn’t meant to be, but their owners managed to catch the cuteness on video! Click here to check it out!

Good News: Dog Named Hero After Alerting Deaf Boy to Fire

A pit bull named Ace is being hailed as a hero for licking the face of his sleeping, deaf 13-year-old owner to alert him that the house was on fire. Indianapolis Fire Department Capt. Rita Reith says Nick Lamb was home alone and sleeping without his hearing aids when the fire began Wednesday. Ace didn’t stop licking Nick until het got up, too. That’s when he realized the house was full of smoke. Without his shoes but with Ace by his side, he covered his nose and mouth with his T-shirt darted out the back door, grabbing one of his implants along the way. Click here for more on this life-saving canine!