Shine.FM Momcast #10: Ministering to Widows

Join Shine.FM’s Heather Erbe this week a she talks with special guest Laura Warfel.  Laura is a widow who now has a minsitry to widows.  Find out more about Laura at  Laura shares her experience and how we as the body of Christ can come alongside widows in the church.

Shine.FM’s MomCast #8: Kids In Sports

Have you ever wondered how colleges and universtities recruit their athletes? How about if your child focusing on just one sport is a good thing? Today hear from Gary Newsome, the Athletic Director from Olivet Nazarene University as he answers these questions and more on our Momcast! Be sure to subscribe to get all of Shine.FM’s podcasts!

Shine.FM Momcast #5: When Retirement Isn’t What You Thought It Would Be

Join Shine.FM’s midday host, Heather Erbe as she welcomes her guest Joyce Davis for a discussion about retirement.  What if arrive at retirement and realized it wasn’t all you thought it would be? Joyce shares her experience after retirement.

Shine.FM Comcast #3: How to Navigate Social Media as a Mom with guest Laura Loewen

Join Shine.FM’s Heather Erbe as she welcomes Laura Loewen for this episode of the Momcast. This week’s discussion looks at how to navigate social media from a Mom’s perspective. Follow Laura on Instagram @lifeasaloewen

Shine.FM Momcast #2: Parenting a Child with Diabetes with Guest Rachel Smith

Shine.FM’s Heather Erbe welcomes guest mom, Rachel Smith. Rachel is a mom of 4 and has a son, Dawson, that was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes about 2 years ago.  On this World Diabetes day, they discussed the difference between Type 1 and Type 2.  Listen as they also de-bunk some myths about Type 1 Diabetes.

Shine.FM MomCast #1: Easier to Give than Receive with Guest Mindy von Gunten

Join Shine.FM’s Heather Erbe for the debut episode of Shine.FM’s Momcast. In this episode, Heather welcomes guest Mom, Mindy von Gunten as they chat about how it is sometimes easier as a Mom to give, but difficult to receive.

Listen here.

Celebrate Mom & Win

Enter your mom (or yourself) by posting a picture of you and your mom or you and your kids to social media: Facebook, Twitter or Instagram by May 4th. Just use the official contest hashtag  #shinemoms2018 in your post. We will select two winners to receive with a 1/2 day spa package and a family portrait package. The winning moms will be announced on May 7th during Shine Afternoons with Don & Daneli.  Thanks to our sponsors: Maglish Plumbing, Payroc – a Christian owned merchant processing company
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Good News: Marathon Mom Saves The Day


As a mom, you never know when your athletic ability or education will save the day.  Take 37-year-old mom Sarah from West Washington.  Sarah has run several half marathons AND just completed her masters in Pastoral counseling.  The other day she was in her living room and had just changed into her running clothes.  She was folding laundry before heading out the door for her run, when she noticed a man poking around her detached garage.  The man came out of the garage on her husband’s bike.  She told him to leave it and go, but he took off on it.  So, Sarah did what any protective mother would do – she took off after him on foot!  He ditched the bike moments later, but she continued after him, yelling at neighbors to call 911.  As she was chasing him, she was trying to talk to him about his feelings to uncover why he stole the bike.  The thief never talked to her, but she was able to continue the chase until the police showed up.  Read more about super mom Sarah here.