Good News: Homeless Men Compete for $100 in Arm Wrestling Match

“Model Pranksters,” a mini-series found on YouTube set out this week to find two homeless men in NYC to compete for a chance to win $100. The pranksters left out the part where the men would be competing in arm wrestling and did not tell them until right before the match. While that might have been comical, what happened after the match was stunning to everyone involved. After a short-lived match, competitor one found himself champion and was awarded the $100. However, instead of taking the money like most people would, the victor splits his winnings with the losing opponent. The hosts of the show were so inspired by these men that they decided to help them out even more. Click here to see this story unfold!

Good News: ATM, Automated Thanking Machine, Surprises Customers With Gifts

TD Bank set up an ATM, or in this case, an “automated thanking machine,” at various locations across Canada. To express gratitude to its clientele, the company gave out money and gifts that clearly required some thought and planning. Gifts included throwing out the first pitch at a Blue Jays game, setting up registered education savings plans for one woman’s kids and also sending them to Disneyland, and they even sent a mother whose cancer-stricken daughter is in Trinidad for a visit with her. Click here to see the precious reactions to these unexpected gifts!

Good News: Card and Love Still Pouring In For Little Boy Battling Cancer

Over 15,000 cards have been mailed to Danny Nickerson, the 6-year-old battling cancer. The Massachusetts boy was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor in October. All this little boy wanted for his upcoming birthday were lots of cards with his name on them. His wish has been heard and granted. The family reported that they have thus far received  little over 8500 cards and 900 packages from all over the world. This little boy is overjoyed with all this mail that is arriving just for him! Click here to learn more and see how you can send a card to little Danny!

Good News: 6,000 Miles, $10K, & Acts of Random Kindness

After receiving a $10,000 grant from Kind Snacks, a group of five friends are hitting the road this summer to spread random acts of kindness to people they have never met across the country. So far, this nonprofit called ARK (Acts of Random Kindness) Project now have traveled 6,000 miles in their RV, delivered care packages to the homeless, payed for strangers’ coffee, and cooked dinner for families in extended stay hospital facilities. Click here to see what other kind things this organization has done to add some generosity to this world!

Good News: Man Leaves $1,000 Tip for His Waiter

A man celebrating his birthday left an unexpected gift for his waiter when he wrote out a gigantic tip. Michael Shafts was working a routine shift at The Ginger Man in Albany, N.Y., where he has waited tables for the last four years, when one of his patrons left him $1,000 gratuity for his good service. “Pay it forward. My birthday present to me!” was written the diner on the receipt. Shafts took the “pay it forward” to heart! Julie Byron, manager of The Ginger man told sources that, “When he returned to work on Saturday night, he had envelopes of money for all of the staff, both front-of-house and back-of-house that had been working with him on Wednesday night. When all was said and done, he divvied up more than half.” Byron also noted that returning the good deed wasn’t out of character for her employee. Click here for more on this awesome act of kindness!

Good News: Lowe’s Employees Repair Veteran’s Wheelchair

Staten Island native Michael Solsona is a double amputee who lost his legs above the knee after stepping on a land mine in Vietnam. Solsona depends on a wheelchair to get around, though he has had many problems with the equipment over the years. The veteran stated that he has been waiting for a new chair for “as long as he can remember.” During a recent shopping trip Lowe’s, Solsona’s wheelchair literally gave out. He and his wife planned on finding the proper tools in the store to fix the chair themselves. That is when three Lowe’s employees stepped in. “They tore the wheelchair apart. They tried all different types of bolts,” Solsona told WABC. “I was thanking them and they said, ‘You’re not leaving here until the wheelchair is like new.’” Click here for more on these employees’ incredible act of kindness!

SACKed July 21st

If you’ve never participated in the Drive-Thru Difference, now is the time! Just print a SACKed card, then head to the drive-thru to pay for the person’s order behind you! We’ve heard incredible stories about how a free cup of coffee or a donut has meant the world to someone who feels like the world has lost its kindness.

Good News: Drive-By Compliments

A popular YouTube user with about 235,000 subscribers hit the streets of Chicago recently, and he couldn’t have been nicer about it. In a video posted last week, Blake Grigsby sits passenger-side in a convertible shouting flattering phrases at passersby. “Those pants work on you sir,” and “I love your shirt” are among the compliments shouted out in the two-minute video, nearly all of which met with a “thank you” or a thumbs up. Props to Grigsby for spreading the love throughout the city and not confining himself to downtown. You can tell he’s from our city, as he made a point to hit different neighborhoods with his random acts of kindness. Click here to see this man bringing smiles to many!