The Kitchen Table #42: Remaining Hopeful in a Cynical World

Are you a Negative Nancy? When you look around at our society, do you struggle to with a doom and gloom attitude?  This week on the Shine.FM’s The Kitchen Table podcast, ministry director Brian McIntyre Utter and his son Jake talk at the table about keeping focused on our Hope in a cynical world. In Music Matters, music from Tenth Avenue North and All Sons & Daughters, and an oldie, but goldie from Michael W. Smith In Culture Shock, a couple of difference makers impacting culture in new ways. Be sure to subscribe to get all our Shine.FM podcasts.

Shine.FM MomCast #9: Post-Abortion Hope and Healing

(Parental Warning: Due to some graphic content, this podcast is cautioned for children under age 13)
Join Shine.FM’s Heather Erbe this week a she talks with special guest Aimee Beltran.  Aimee is the Director of Community Impact at Northpointe Community Church in Dewitt, Michigan.  She is also a leader of Surrendering the Secret post-abortive groups.  Aimee shares her story of healing and more about groups that help women who are post-abortive. You can find out more about post-abortive groups across the country at Surrendering the Secret.

The Kitchen Table #30 – Is Hope Necessary for the Christian Life?

Is Hope really necessary? This week on The Kitchen Table podcast, Shine.FM’s Ministry Director Brian McIntyre Utter and his son Jake talk across the table about why hope is essential to the Christian faith. In Music Matters, new music from Steven Malcolm, a live acoustic song from Needtobreathe and an oldie, but goldie from White Heart. In Culture Shock, do your children have any of these apps on their phones? If so, remove them immediately! Be sure to subscribe to get all our Shine.FM podcasts.

Shine 180: Lori

Shine 180…stories of lives transformed by God because of your faithfulness.

We are all on a journey. We are all at different points on our journey….and that’s OK.

The purpose of our journey is simple, but sometimes difficult…keep moving forward becoming more like Jesus. Lori’s journey, like many of ours, is full of twists and turns and periods of hopelessness.

Join Shine.FM Director of Partner Care, Steph Reynolds for this debut episode.

Good News: Three Little Girls Retake Viral Photo to Celebrate Remission from Cancer

As three little girls gathered to get their picture taken on Saturday, the mood was quite a bit lighter than the last time the children were photographed together just a few short months ago. Back then, Rheann Franklin, 6, Ainsley Peters, 4, and Rylie Hughey, 3, each battling cancer, came together for an emotional photo session in April with Oklahoma photographers Lora Scantling and Christy Goodger. The image taken that day, after the girls met for the first time in the studio, touched the hearts of people all over the world. When the girls reunited on Saturday, it was to share in happy news: In July they confirmed they are each in remission!! To celebrate, they got back together with Scantling and Goodger to put an even more positive spin on the beautiful scene that went viral earlier this year. Click here to see the touching photos of these sweet little girls!

Good News: ’46 Mommas’ Go Bald to Raise Money for Pediatric Cancer Research

When Maisy Yeager’s son, Zarek, was just 8 years old, he was diagnosed with acute lymphoid leukemia. Luckily, Zarek is now cancer-free, making it through years of draining surgeries and steroid treatments. But countless other children — nearly 2,000 a year, according to the National Cancer Institute — are not so lucky. It’s why Yeager and 45 other mothers from around the U.S. and Canada convened in Boston on Sunday to have their heads shaved bald in a public ceremony for the fifth annual 46 Mommas event — so-named to symbolize that each weekday of the year, 46 mothers in the U.S. are told that their child has cancer. This year the moms raised more than $200,000 for the national St. Baldrick’s Foundation, which fundraises for pediatric cancer research. Click here for more on these awesome “Mommas” and their charity!

Good News: A Sweet Ride in New York City’s Candy Cab

Mansoor Khalid’s Candy Cab may look like a regular New York taxi on the outside, but step inside and you’ll find a candy lover’s paradise. The cab is filled with all-you-can-eat free sweets: hard candies in the summer, chocolate in the winter. But no matter when you take a ride, you’re welcome to take as much as you want. Khalid started filling his cab with candies after his life took a sad turn. In 2010, his son was born with a congenital heart defect. Whenever he visited the hospital, Khalid would bring coffee to the doctors and nurses, becoming known as “coffee man.” He says he liked being able to lift people’s spirits with small offerings, so when his son passed away, Khalid decided he wanted to continue to make people happy. That’s how the candy cab idea was born. Click here to learn more about this cool cab in NYC!