Good News: Heartwarming Friendship Between a Little Boy and an 89-Year-Old

Sometimes friendships really can form when you least expect it. The Rychners lived next door to Erling Kindem for about 10 years with little to no interaction. Then, their 3-year-old son, Emmett, decided to start visiting his neighbor-and now he has a new best friend. Erling, an 89-year-old WWII veteran, started bonding with his young friend over his tomato patch. Erling said whenever he was out in his tomato garden, Emmett would trot over, saying “Erling, got any ‘matoes?” The gardening soon turned into surprise post-nap croquet matches and lawn-mower races, Erling on his John Deer and Emmett on his toy version. Click here for more on the special bond these two have found!

Good News: Man Loses Half His Body Weight With Help From A Friend


Brian Flemming from Michigan was obese, depressed and addicted to alcohol.  He met Englishwoman Jackie Eastham via the drawing game app Draw Something in 2012.  Eastham suffers myotonic muscular dystrophy, a debilitating condition that she manages by living an extremely healthy lifestyle.  With her encouragement, Flemming quit drinking and began eating well and exercising.  In just over a year he has lost 365lb – more than half his body weight.  The pair met in Europe in December 2013 and climbed to the top of the Eiffel Tower together!  What a great story!


Good News: Running On Borrowed Legs


The 500 Festival Mini Marathon is Saturday in Indianapolis. At 30,000 plus people, it’s the largest half marathon in the country. Many run the 13.1 miles alone, while others compete as a team. That’s true of Kelli and Connie.  Kelli runs behind a big red stroller full of hand weights, training to run her third Mini with friend Connie.  “People go, ‘Isn’t it great?’ And I go, ‘I borrow Kelli’s legs’ and I say I’m running on borrowed legs and I love it.   I’m grateful to her,” said Connie.  Connie has multiple sclerosis.  Both love running together and with all the other runners on race day.  “I can’t even explain the feeling of being able to share that and help someone experience the electricity and energy,” said Kelli.  Read more about this dynamic duo here.


Valentine’s Ideas For Everyone


Single, married, in an unhappy relationship?  Anyone can participate in these Valentine’s Day ideas.  After all, Valentine’s Day is (a made-up holiday) about LOVE.  So no matter how you celebrate, don’t forget to spread some love and hope this Friday.  Try celebrating your friendships, volunteering at your favorite charity, or enjoying a night with your kiddos.  Check out more in Lisa’s Home School.


Good News: Life-Saving Kiss From The Bride


A bride’s kiss actually saved a guest at her wedding!  Kylie and Russell were celebrating at their reception when the man she was dancing with collapsed.  The bride, dress and all, performed CPR and gave him mouth to mouth resuscitation.  Then, they spent their wedding night in the hospital with their friend.  He’s now on the mend, and Kylie and Russell are planning another wedding reception.  Read the full story here.

Miracle Maker: Celebrate Recovery Sponsor

We asked you to tell us about someone making a difference in his/her community.  We’ve enjoyed reading the stories and are excited to share Caitlin’s Miracle Maker story.  Meet Julie:

My miracle maker is Julie, my sponsor in Celebrate Recovery. I met her when I started attending celebrate about 3 years ago. I have been battling an eating disorder since I was 13 and never thought I could recover.  My first time at celebrate Julie walked up to me and told me that The Lord had given her an instant love for me. She has been such a god sent angel in my life. Julie has encouraged me from the beginning and has never left my side, Whenever I’m struggling she always points me back to the cross, she has taught me so much about god and what he thinks of me and his amazing promises. Julie deserves this because of her dedication to The Lord and to her service in helping others see their true beauty in Christ. She spreads hope through her victory over her struggles and through her own cancer.

Listen to the Good News Story here.


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