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Thanks to a wonderful listener for sending us this Brant and Sherri Hedgehog Broadcast Action Pack. It seems to have racial undertones, and we like that, too!! This is my favorite Hedgehog Broadcast Action Pack with Racial Undertones that we have received to date!!

Brant and Sherri’s Deal Breaker Question

Deal Breaker Question for the ladies: Let’s say you’re single and a FANTASTIC guy wants to marry you. He’s incredibly attractive. Smart, handsome, a provider and protector. Spiritually mature kinda guy. Loves kids and “gets” you. ONE little quirk: He wears big floppy clown shoes. Yes, they squeak when he walks. He will them for the rest of his life. That’s just how he rolls. That’s his only quirk. Otherwise, he’s AWESOME. Do you marry him?

“My dogs need Jesus.”

“Think about how powerful it would be if you’re a preacher and you’re trying to get people to make a decision about their eternity and you have a live lion in the sanctuary. Now it’s real.”

“I’m keeping my “I Voted” sticker on forever.”

“If you’re a spiritual ‘searcher’ that’s fine. But if you’re not holding out the possibility that there’s an actual thing you can find…then you’re not really searching are you?”

“Be open to the fact that God has been looking for YOU.”

“I’m gonna irrationally stick to my guns on this…”

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Brant & Sherri’s Call List

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Brant & Sherri – Never Miss a Radio Show!

We’re now uploading our show the day after it airs. You can subscribe here (on iTunes), or if you don’t use iTunes, via the Stitcher app. Yesterday’s show: Brant is a “Loon”, The People Jesus Repelled, Parmesan Cheese Dinner, Grace, Nik Wallenda, Forgetting the Candy, Our Show Agenda, No Pets Scrutiny, Awkward Jog of Gratitude, What’s in a Person’s Heart Sherri’s Fave Quotes: “You’ll hear us talk about grace a lot because it’s the only thing that changes any of us.” “I’m ok with looking dumb if I can just love people for once. I’ve gotten that frustrated with it. It’s time to grow up and love people.” “People get judgmental about me having a bowl of Parmesan cheese for dinner. That hurts.” “Grown man hiding behind a couch to avoid some kid in a Superman outfit. That’s how I roll.”

Good News: Florida Workers Find 2,000 Silver Coins During Home Demolition

Police in Florida have seized 60 pounds of silver coins that had been stashed for decades inside the walls of a recently demolished home. According to officials in St. Cloud, Fla., glass pickle jars holding more than 2,000 coins shattered while city workers were leveling a 1915 bungalow, turning the demolition into a momentary slot machine. “It was like a treasure hunt — the more you dug the more you found,” one of those workers, Melissa Howes, told the Orlando Sentinel. “We thought we might be able to keep it like finders keepers, but it was city property.” It is believed the coins may have been hidden inside the walls by a former owner during the Great Depression. Click here for more on this surprise find!


Good News: Marvel Gives Rocket Raccoon Creator Special Screening of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’

In 1992, Bill Mantlo, legendary comic book writer and co-creator of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy’s Rocket Racoon, was involved in a tragic hit-and-run accident that left him in a coma. He woke up, but suffers irreparable brain damage that has left him in institutional care ever. And while going to a movie theater would be nearly impossible for the writer, Marvel made sure that Bill got to see his creation come to life by bringing the movie to him. Bill’s brother, Michael Mantlo, thanked Marvel for this opportunity claiming they gave him “the happiest day of his life.” Click here for more on Marvel’s kind act towards this fantastic creator!

Good News: Farmer Serenades Cows with Trombone Cover, Everyone Is Moo-ved

Kansas farmer Derek Klingenberg performed a cover of Lorde’s  hit, “Royals,” from his pasture-side lawn chair. The cow’s reactions could not have been better! In the first few minutes of the video, cows begin gathering together checking out their farmer’s music. By the end of the video, the cows are mooing along with the music as if they are singing the tune! Click here to see this farmer and his musical cows!

Good News: Bride’s Accidental Text Yields Surprise Wedding Guests

One bride found out the hard – yet funny – way that you should always double check the number before hitting send. Detroit couple Kristen and Rob texted out invites to their June wedding and post-ceremony BBQ, accidentally sending one to a stranger. The stranger tells them that they have the wrong number, but will be in attendance anyway! When the bride-to-be tries to backtrack, the uninvited guest replies, “We still coming.” The photo accompanying the story shows that this guy wasn’t lying – the newlyweds were joined by a throng of new friends during their wedding photos. Click here to see the photos!

Good News: Four-Year-Old Volunteers to Be a Flower Girl

Holding a neon-green sign advertising her services, Annabelle Earl, 4, approached a New York couple to ask whether they were in need a flower girl for their wedding. After a playmate introduced her to the concept earlier this year, Annabelle told her mother, Kim Earl, that she wanted to walk a bride down the aisle too!  Unfortunately, there were no family weddings in the works and close friends of her parents were already married. Lacking conventional options, this little lady knew she needed to get creative. Since so many wed at City Hall each year, Earl planned a trip to the municipal building and hoped that at least one couple would be willing to include her daughter in their special day. Click here for more on this aspiring flower girl’s story!