Shine 180: Miss Pearl

(Parental Warning: Due to some graphic content, this podcast is cautioned for children under age 13)

Shine 180…stories of lives transformed by God because of your faithfulness.

We are all on a journey. We are all at different points on our journey….and that’s OK.

The purpose of our journey is simple, but sometimes difficult…keep moving forward becoming more like Jesus. Miss Pearl thought God wasn’t big enough to handle her sin. What she did know is that there is a Savior who doesn’t give up and had a plan to use her to transform the lives.

February Difference Maker: GRIP Outreach For Youth


At GRIP Outreach For Youth, we realize that the only thing that can fill the void in the life of a fatherless child is the love of God the Father. As a result, GRIP’s mission is to break the fatherless cycle through Christ-centered, Life-on-Life relationships.

Today For the First Time

In 2004, GRIP Outreach For Youth launched as a local ministry reaching fatherless teens in Chicago’s notorious Cabrini Green Housing Projects. Today, we’ve grown in size and scope, as we have developed many training tools and urban ministry resources that are being used globally.

Our Life-on-Life approach builds a network of support for our young people: engaging them in their homes, serving them in their schools, plugging them into local churches, and providing them with practical resources for their development. When we refer to Life-on-Life, we are talking about a relationship that is so much more than mentorship. Life-on-Life relationships model what it means to be a man or woman of God – not just during a program or in a classroom – but while at home, running errands, playing sports, serving others in the community, or studying the Bible. And as we walk life together, we’re extending to our youth an invitation to know the love of God, to know their purpose and identity, and to grow as young leaders in their homes, schools, churches, and communities.

In addition to ministry on the frontlines here in Chicago, GRIP now trains churches and organizations across the country to implement GRIP’s programs and resources with their own volunteers and youth within their communities, multiplying Life-on-Life impact both here locally in Chicago and across the country. Learn more at or click on the image below to watch a video highlighting the impact of GRIP Outreach For Youth.

August Difference Maker: POWER Connection

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 POWER Connection is a faith-based community organization founded in October 2003 with the vision of helping individuals enhance their workforce skills, which will allow them to seek higher-paying and more fulfilling employment.  They chose the acronym P.O.W.E.R. to stand for “Providing Opportunities 4 Work Education & Retraining.”  Any person desiring POWER Connection services will be accepted into the training program.  Businesses and individuals helping with financial support and volunteers, who give of their time, allow them to offer classes.

POWER Connection’s mission is to “Empower People for Life”. The main goal is to help individuals provide financial security for themselves and their family by bettering themselves in the work force.
POWER Connection currently offers individuals training in Fork Lift Certification (Drive a fork truck), general computer skills (We do an overview of Windows operating system, Microsoft Office which includes Word, Excel, Outlook, and Power Point), office equipment, and life skills (including résumé writing, interview skills, balancing a checkbook, and dressing for success).  
Learn more about how you and your family can connect with  POWER Connection this month on Shine.FM!

June Difference Maker: Destiny Rescue

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Destiny Rescue is a grassroots, internationally recognized, Christian based, non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing children from human trafficking and sexual exploitation. This organization helps rescue the sexually exploited and enslaved, restore the abused, protect the vulnerable, empower the poor and is a voice for those that can’t speak up for themselves.
Destiny Rescue currently operates in five nations: Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar (Burma), and India. They also have offices in two donor nations: United States and Australia.

Destiny Rescue’s efforts are making a huge difference, too. They’ve rescued hundreds of children enslaved around the world, helped keep hundreds more from entering the sex-trade through various prevention programs, ensured justice for those that have been wronged and have raised awareness to untold numbers.

Destiny Rescue realizes that human trafficking is a big problem globally with up to 27 million men, women and children enslaved in its deadly grip today. They’re determined to respond to God’s call to set captives free worldwide. As long as children are being sold into the sex-trade, and poverty that drives at-risk children into prostitution exists, Destiny Rescue will be fully committed to fighting for their freedom, restoration and offering them a chance to dream again.

Want to join Destiny Rescue in the fight to end child slavery? Get involved by Sponsoring A Child or Making A Donation on their website

Information taken from Destiny Rescue’s Who We Are/About Us section on their website.

Difference Makers: Hope Center

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Hope Center, a Christian cancer support system, was born out of one woman’s desire for those affected with cancer to have the opportunity to renew their spirit with hope, refresh their faith in Jesus, and discover resources to navigate through pain, recovery, and loss.

Kerri Midkiff is a cancer survivor. In March of 2009, Kerri was diagnosed with breast cancer. The emotional toll fighting cancer had on not only herself, but also her family, was greater than she anticipated. The Midkiff family began attending a cancer support center; however, the drive was long. Kerri had a vision to bring a cancer support center closer to her community.

Hope Center is stationed in Lowell Church of Christ in Lowell, Indianna. There are three parts to Hope Center’s mission statement: Be Renewed, Be Refreshed, and Be a Resource. Contact Hope Center to Be Renewed by connecting with the support group and engaging in a curriculum that renews your hope and faith during life’s darkest interruptions. Be Refreshed by knowing that Jesus is beside you every step of the way. Be a Resource for others fighting cancer by sharing your story, your successes, and your failures.

Email Hope Center at or call 219.552.1640.

Difference Makers: Elim Christian Services

Elim Christian Services strives to serve people with disabilities, regardless of ability or disability, and to teach them that they are part of God’s kingdom and have a purpose in His world.

By providing disabled adults with life skills training, Elim promotes independence and gives individuals more personal freedom, choices, and boosts self-esteem. Promoting social skills help the people in the community establish relationships and develop clear communication with others.

Individuals at Elim are provided with the technology to increase independence and the transportation to be a part of their community. Recreational activities along with maintaining one’s personal health are priorities at Elim, and offer new hobbies and interests to those with disabilities.

Elim Military Kits is a ministry inside of Elim’s mission that help equips people with disabilities to achieve their highest God-given potential. Military Kits are provided by donor and are assembled through the skills of Elim’s adults with disabilities. The kits are sent out to help support our troops. This way, one gift of an Elim Military Kit blesses two people.

Elim Military Kits are stocked with Ramen Noodles, Pop Tarts, Clif Bars, Nature Valley Granola bars, Frito-Lays Peanuts, Sunflower Seeds, Eclipse Gum, Biscotti, Beef Sticks, Life Savers, and more.

This month as we celebrate Veteran’s Day, Elim has received anonymous gifts of $20,000 which will fund 600 Military Kits. This challenge gift is meant to encourage us to raise 600 more Military Kits to reach our goal of 1,200 Kits by November 12th. With the help of area churches, we are at 913 kits funded! We need to raise funds for 287 more Military Kits at $30 per kit.

To get involved in Elim Military Kits, you can give a tax-deductible donation to cover the cost of materials, assembly, and shipping costs of a kit. You can also write an encouraging note to the service member receiving your kit and a note to the adult assembling it. Another way to be a part of this ministry is to run a Military Kit drive at your church.

Sponsor a Military Kit here.