Good News: ‘Apparently’ This Kid at the Fair Needs His Own Talk Show

WNEP reporter Sofia Ojeda was reporting at the Wayne County Fair when Noah Ritter walked up and stole the show. Noah had never been on live television before and was really excited to chat with the news team! He also had lots to say about the fair ride he had just ridden minutes before talking to Sofia. Click here to see this little man with the mic!

Good News: Saint Bernard Fascinated By Fearless Kitten

A Saint Bernard named Bella is totally taken with her family’s new kitten, staring at it, smelling it, and even pawing at it. This kitten though, barely even notices Bella’s existence. Maybe this friendship wasn’t meant to be, but their owners managed to catch the cuteness on video! Click here to check it out!

Good News: Four-Year-Old Volunteers to Be a Flower Girl

Holding a neon-green sign advertising her services, Annabelle Earl, 4, approached a New York couple to ask whether they were in need a flower girl for their wedding. After a playmate introduced her to the concept earlier this year, Annabelle told her mother, Kim Earl, that she wanted to walk a bride down the aisle too!  Unfortunately, there were no family weddings in the works and close friends of her parents were already married. Lacking conventional options, this little lady knew she needed to get creative. Since so many wed at City Hall each year, Earl planned a trip to the municipal building and hoped that at least one couple would be willing to include her daughter in their special day. Click here for more on this aspiring flower girl’s story!

Good News: Three Girls in Cancer Photo That Went Viral All in Remission

The photo is astounding: three little girls, each bald from chemo treatments battling different cancers, leaning into each other with their eyes closed. They stand beneath the caption, “Sometimes strength comes in knowing that you are not alone!” The image went viral in April, melting the hearts of thousands of Facebook fans — but leaving a haunting feeling, because we couldn’t know how each child’s story would turn out. Now we know, though, and the news couldn’t be better: All three girls are in remission! Click here to see this striking photo of these sweet little ladies!

Good News: Two Young Newscasters Have a Warning for People in their Hilarious Fake Broadcast

In a fake but adorable broadcast of the so-called VCN breaking news, pint-sized presenters claim that the country of Canada is dangerous. This show, produced by the husband-and-wife team of Black Hat Media Utah, has been watched over 30,000 times. Nieces Libby, 7, and Sarah, 5, toss back and forth on “right now’s news,” reading without a prompter. The girls apparently got a green screen and wanted to play around with the technology. But why the Canada bashing? you ask. A weather specialist came to Libby’s school and left a big impression of the country on her. Click here to see these aspiring news anchors in action!

Good News: Dancing Pit Bull Struts His Stuff

When people think of pit bulls, it would likely be a safe bet that most do not think of dancing pit bulls or even playful pit bulls. But as a youtube video shows, these animals can be friendly and apparently trained to do adorable dances. In this video, the sweet dog and his human, a belly dancer, perform a routine together that is quite intricate as far as dogs are concerned. Yahoo! said not much was known about the pit bull and its belly dancing partner and the video’s YouTube post did not provide a description. But the dynamic duo are getting all sorts of attention from the nearly two-minute routine. So far, the video is been viewed a total of 647,819 times, and people are commenting left and right on the YouTube page itself and on other websites where the video has been lighting up the internet. Click here to see the cuteness that has gone viral!


Good News: “Let it Go” Daddy/Daughter Duet

A 3 year old girl and her daddy were caught on camera singing “Let it Go” from Disney’s new movie Frozen.  Although he may have heard this song 1,000 times already, he jumps right in to sing along with his kiddo! They may not have gotten all the words just right, but it is too cute not to share! Click here to see the two singing their hearts out!

Good News: Beagle Gets 100-Ball Birthday Present

Maymo — or, as he’s known, ‘Cute Dog Maymo’ — is only 3 years old and has more than 45,000 subscribers on YouTube. Maymo’s “people,” as they are called on YouTube, thought they’d surprise him with a big gift for his birthday. In the viral video of the gift presentation, Maymo is first confronted with a few different balls, which seems to confuse him enough. Then a flood of balls comes crashing in, causing the beagle to run for the hills. But that many new toys is nothing to bark at, and Maymo eventually gets on board, running through the house and playing to his overwhelmed heart’s content. Click here to see video of Maymo’s birthday surprise!