SACKed Jan. 13, 2014

SACKed is an opportunity to perform simple, low-cost to no-cost random acts of kindness!  Each week, the Shine.FM will give you a new, fun way to surprise someone with a small gift, treat, or smile. It’s an easy way to get your kids involved in helping others, and we hope it inspires you to share the hope of Christ in Chicagoland!  Print your SACKed cards here.

This week, we’re bringing back a Shine.FM favorite, the Drive-Thru Difference!  Simply print your SACKed card and head to the drive-thru.  Pay for the person’s order behind you and leave the card for them!

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Lisa’s Home School: SACKed

Lisa shares the pluses of decorating a minor, yet key, home object; and someone to bless this holiday season:


Good News Story: Team goes beyond the field of competition

When Sacred Heart found out they were going to face Washington High School in the Illinois state semi-finals, the football teams unites their community to help those in Washington wanting to watch their team play on Saturday. Here this inspirational story right here:

Good News Story: Team goes beyond the field of competition

Good News Story: Pee Wee Dedicates & Donates

A selfless heart has no time limits nor borders. Pee Wee has been volunteering at her local hospital for 61 years. She then gives them a gift you won’t see coming. Listen here to this inspiring story!


Good News Story: Pee Wee Dedicates & Donates

Read the full article here!

Philisee “Pee Wee” Massa remembers the day when she and her husband, Leo, made the move from Kansas City to Kankakee.

“It was 1951, and the Welcome Wagon came by. And next, I wound up joining the Newcomers Club that we used to have,” she recalled this morning. “Later, Mother St. Claire [a member of the Servants of the Holy Heart of Mary, who were administrators of St. Mary’s Hospital] came and asked me to help start a women’s auxiliary.

“And I did. And I was one of the first officers.”

Through the decades that followed Massa was maybe best known for her talents on the golf course, but she never lost her connection with the hospital, which is now known as Presence St. Mary’s. And that fact was made very clear Wednesday at a dinner in her honor at the Kankakee Country Club.

The highlight of the evening was the presentation of a $1 million check.

“Pee Wee has not only blessed St. Mary’s with her gracious donations to our hospital, but [those gifts] have also touched the lives of many people in our community,” said hospital president and CEO Amy LaFine.

“The generosity that she has shown throughout her years with us ranges from countless volunteer hours to monetary donations for hospital advancements and other worthy causes. We are truly honored that she has entrusted St. Mary’s with this extraordinary gift.”

For 61 years, Massa has volunteered at the hospital’s in-house gift shop and free-standing resale shop. Even with her other commitments, she contributed more than 12,951 hours of service.

According to a hospital release, Massa’s $1-million gift will be used to enhance technology for cardiac services.




Good News Story: Child Helps Homeless

Most kids have a Kool-aid stand to raise money for themselves: not this kid! Listen here to this inspiring story of a little child with a big heart.


Good News Story: Child Helps Homeless

Difference Makers: ELIM Christian Services


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Elim Christian Services strives to serve people with disabilities, regardless of ability or disability, and to teach them that they are part of God’s kingdom and have a purpose in His world.

By providing disabled adults with life skills training, Elim promotes independence and gives individuals more personal freedom, choices, and boosts self-esteem. Promoting social skills help the people in the community establish relationships and develop clear communication with others.

Individuals at Elim are provided with the technology to increase independence and the transportation to be a part of their community. Recreational activities along with maintaining one’s personal health are priorities at Elim, and offer new hobbies and interests to those with disabilities.

Elim Military Kits is a ministry inside of Elim’s mission that help equips people with disabilities to achieve their highest God-given potential. Military Kits are provided by donor and are assembled through the skills of Elim’s adults with disabilities. The kits are sent out to help support our troops. This way, one gift of an Elim Military Kit blesses two people.

Elim Military Kits are stocked with Ramen Noodles, Pop Tarts, Clif Bars, Nature Valley Granola bars, Frito-Lays Peanuts, Sunflower Seeds, Eclipse Gum, Biscotti, Beef Sticks, Life Savers, and more.

This month as we celebrate Veteran’s Day, Elim has received anonymous gifts of $20,000 which will fund 600 Military Kits.  This challenge gift is meant to encourage us to raise 600 more Military Kits to reach our goal of 1,200 Kits by November 12th.  With the help of area churches, we are at 913 kits funded!  We need to raise funds for 287 more Military Kits at $30 per kit.

To get involved in Elim Military Kits, you can give a tax-deductible donation to cover the cost of materials, assembly, and shipping costs of a kit. You can also write an encouraging note to the service member receiving your kit and a note to the adult assembling it. Another way to be a part of this ministry is to run a Military Kit drive at your church. Click here to get involved.


Get to know more about Elim Christian Services this month on Shine.FM!  Thanks for being Difference Makers!


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Good News Story: Running with the Homeless

Anne Mahlum has turned he love for running into an amazing nation wide ministry. Here how it started and how it’s growing here:

Good News: Running with the Homeless

Difference Makers: Christmas Gift Mart


Each year Christmas Gift Marts are hosted to benefit people in the under resourced communities located in the East Side of Joliet and Aurora. This will be the sixth year the Christmas Gift Mart in Joliet has provided the Gift of Dignity by collecting 9,000 toys (increased from 4,500 toys last year) and selling them for $2 per toy to families that would not have otherwise been able to purchase presents.

The Joliet Christmas Gift Marts have paved the way for these communities to provide the gift of education to their children by donating all the proceeds of these events to their neighborhood schools. These schools are then able purchase much needed books, computers, and provide school initiatives that would otherwise go unfunded.

This year, Christmas Gift Mart is in need of over 13,000 toys to provide for children for Christmas. This ministry accepts new, unwrapped toys priced at $6 to $20 for elementary age children. Another way to participate in Christmas Gift Mart is by hosting your own toy drive in your workplace or at your church.

You can also help make Christmas Gift Mart a success by volunteering on the day of the event. For more information, click here.

Get to know Community Christian Church and the Christmas Gift Mart this month on Shine.FM!

Difference Makers: The Bible League

Bible League International supports the body of Christ wherever it is impoverished, persecuted or oppressed in more than 55 countries. With help from friends, Bible League International equips local Christians to plant Bibles, plant churches and share God’s love in the hardest, most hostile, most resource-poor places on earth. In the past 21 years, they have trained and equipped more than 2.5 million local Christians to lead millions to Christ, planted more than 58,000 churches, and discipled nearly 37 million people in or through Bible study.  They do this by providing Bibles and Scripture materials for churches and ministries to use in their evangelism and discipleship efforts, including an Easy-Read Bible that’s translated into many different languages.

Gift of God Street Church

132962_114183128653814_4105536_oGift of God Street Church in Kankakee is a ministry that offers shelter, food, love, and compassion to homeless men, women, and children. Pastor Ed Kannapel, his wife Carole, and other volunteers spend up to 12 hours a day on the streets of Chicago or suburbs searching under bridges and in abandoned buildings for the people who have fallen through the cracks. No matter why they are on the street, Ed shows them the love of Christ. Gift of God Street Church also has a food pantry and bible studies that are open to the community. 

To see how you can get involved in the work God is doing through Pastor Ed and his team at Gift of God Street Church, visit their Facebook page.  Thanks for being a difference makers in Chicagoland!

Listen to the Difference Maker interview here:


Gift of God Street Church Segment 1


Gift of God Street Church Segment 2


Gift of God Street Church Segment 3


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