An Accident is a Blessing

“I found Shine by accident. I was searching for a Christian radio station one day after my husband and I decided that the secular stuff was really not glorifying God. The song ‘You Said’ by Hillsong came on. Then that next day at church, our praise band played it.”

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  1. Arcy Ramirez
    Arcy Ramirez says:

    I also found Shine.FM by accident. I made a New Year’s resolution to keep my car radio on a Christian radio station that would help me prepare my heart and mind for my day’s efforts on the way in to work. Shine.FM was the first station the radio selected as I searched! The positive messages helped inspire me each day this year. It has been a challenging year but I’ve been able to stay focused on the positive.

    I have been so inspired by the good news stories that I talked to my grandsons 5 and 2 and they started doing “Chores for Chicks”. Today they deposited their first $97.47 to buy eight chicks for the World Vision Charities. I’m so excited that this domino effect is inspiring people (adults AND children) to do positive things! Now my grandsons feel like real life heros and they are telling others to do good things. — Shine.FM is AWSOME!!!!


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