Christmas SACK schedule:

November 22                       Leave exact change in a Coke machine

November 25                       Have people in your office sign a card for your boss

November 26                       Christmas card of encouragement to your pastor

November 27                       Send a small gift with a note to your child’s teacher

November 28                       Write a letter to a soldier – bonus points for sending a care package or donating

November 29                       Leave a Christmas ornament with your tip at a restaurant


December 2                          Leave dollar bills on toys at Dollar Store

December 3                          Christmas card for the mailman / decorate mailbox

December 4                          Prepare a winter care package for homeless people

December 5                          Encourage a new mom with dinner

December 6                          Visit a nursing home

December 9                          Mail a friend a gift card anonymously

December 10                       Leave cash wash coupon on a dirty car

December 11                       Tape a microwave popcorn bag to the redbox machine

December 12                       Give a nice note and treat to your kid’s bus driver

December 13                       Put candy canes on neighbors’ cars

December 16                       Bring a cup of coffee to the bell ringer

December 17                       Drive-Thru Christmas

December 18                       Deliver Christmas cookies to your local police or fire station

December 19                       Tape quarters to a gumball machine

December 20                       Pass donuts to your neighbors as they leave for work in the morning

December 23                       Leave a coupon behind at the store or restaurant

December 24                       Decorate your trash can for the trash man (gift card optional)

December 25                       Secret cookie/candy drop