Third Day “I Need A Miracle”

I started a new job and just moved to Indy in February of this year. I was falling behind and wasn’t doing very good. Everyone that was in training class with me were doing really well. I have excelled at every job I have had and every position within these jobs. Let me just say I was frustrated and prayed every night that I would catch on. Last month I was done and ready to throw in the towel. I was headed to main office to turn my equipment and truck in when I turned on the radio and had it on your station. The song that changed my mind was Third Day’s ‘I Need A Miracle.’ I pulled off the road put my truck in park and spent 20 min talking to God. Not praying for him to help me get it right, but just talking to Him. In four hours, I was able to get more work done than in the three days combined before and I have gotten better every day since. God is good and some times we need to take time to talk to Him and not for our own gain but to just get to know him better.” – Gary