Honey, How Do I Look?

Well, our 2-year old kind of startled you this week.

Yeah, it was early in the morning and I was getting ready for the day and he runs up while I was in the shower and says “Mom, there is a strange animal in the house and its furry and it has

whiskers.” So, I received an emergency and I hop out of the shower and go down with him and he points out this little moth on the floor.

That was the big animal with the whiskers. You know, sometimes we jump to conclusions in our own conversations.

Yes, we do.

As adults and even in marriage we do that.

Like when I ask you how I look and you say well its fine with me, and I go up and change clothes; that’s not what you meant at all but I think you don’t like it.

Friend, if your jumping to conclusions in your own relationship, consider what a little bit of clarifying content will do for your communication.

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