Flying a Kite with No Wind

Well you and the boys gave me a kite the other day and you were so excited, you said lets go to the beach and try this thing out, we did, there was no wind once so ever.

Very disappointing for the two little boys who think this is the best gift in the world and you know, it just wasn’t working.

So were running up and down the beach and just, nothing is happening. Were dragging it along the sand.

So we finally just stopped and played. Then finally, one last time, before we left we tried it.

And it just took off, and I mean it really took off. The boys were cheering. Ya know, sometimes that happens in our marriage, doesn’t it?

Yeah, we’ll try something and it just doesn’t work. We think you know what, we’re going to give up and then we try one last time and turn a corner as a couple.

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