Fat Flush

Well, it seems like everyone these days is on some kind of a diet of some kind. Protein, or whatever it is, but I hear a lot about this thing call a “fat flush.”

Yeah, it’s kind of an extreme measure for just a few days, and it gets you jump started back to health.

Yeah, and there’s something about that flushing out the fat that applies not just to your body, but even to your relationships…especially your marriage.

Your marriages can get out of shape like we can.

Absolutely. Right? When we don’t exercise certain things. I think it’s a really valuable principle.

Yeah, we take on extra weight. We get unfinished things between us, and it kind of weighs our relationship down.

It’s the residue of stuff that’s unresolved. Friend, think about that in your own relationship. Can you give your relationship a “fat flush?”

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