Date Club

You now I came up with a pretty good idea this last month, didn’t I?

You’re kind of proud of yourself aren’t you?

The Date Club! I love this idea.

Yeah, you came out of your study and said, “I’ve had a stroke of brilliance…I think we should call another couple…at least one, maybe two and just trade nights and share our children, so

we all get a date night without paying for a babysitter.”

Yeah, so that one couple that night will take everybody’s kids, while we go have fun and we’ll kind of go around the circle. And it’s worked out pretty good.

It’s actually working, which is amazing and we’ve enjoyed it so much. Our kids actually enjoy playing with the other children.

Friend if you’re struggling to find some time together as a couple for your date night, consider a Date Club and exchange your kids with another couple.

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