Cleaning Out The Marriage Attic

Well you’ve been kind of on this cleaning rampage this week.

I know, it’s so out of character for me. I usually love clutter and I’m so creative but it feels so good to get things tidided up.

Well, just to see all these piles of garabage bags and you saying we don’t need this in our home anymore. It’s refreshing.

Yeah, it has affected me because I’m thinking the same thing is true for our marraige. I kind of just want to get us to a place that rids us of any harmful residue that piles in between us.

Well, that’s good to talk about. Whatever it might be. Financials loose ends, emotional loose ends. Whatever…to get rid of that.

Yeah, because that stuff builds up and it drains us from living in the present as a couple. It’s a great thing to remember, give to our marriage, rid ourselves of harmful residue.

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