Childhood Comforts


I just got back from Boston this week. That’s my hometown and that’s where I grew up as a kid.


You had such fun. You said, “It was like nothing had changed. It was almost exactly the same.”


It was great. I went back to Brigham’s Ice Cream in my little neighborhood where I grew up. I had a vanilla cone with chocolate jimmy’s on it.


Which are sprinkles for the rest of us who didn’t grow up in Boston.


You know, there’s something about going back and finding comfort from those things in your early childhood.


You know what’s so fun is when you’re a spouse you can bring some of those childhood comforts into your marriage and celebrate your spouse that way.


Absolutely. You grew up in Texas and I know there’s certain things you enjoy about that. It’s that idea of providing comfort for your spouse that provides comfort for your relationship.


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