Boggled By Words

Well, we had an exciting game night this last week with our friends, Kevin and Kathy. We don’t do this often, but we played this game called Boggle.

Yeah, and it was really fun. The whole object is to look at these letters and try to make your own list and create words that you can see on the board.

Yeah, and what’s amazing is that you see words that I don’t, and vice versa and I said man this is just like a conversation in our relationship.

Yeah, it was a little too familiar wasn’t it? None of the words on my list did you even see. Some of yours were kind of made up words, let me just say.

Oh okay, let’s go there. Well friend, if your feeling boggled by some of the things your spouse says, remember it always comes down to a listening ear, a lot of patience, and empathy.

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