Andrea-Photo“Night Light™ with Andrea” is designed as a different kind of night show. Every week night, Andrea engages listeners with real and relevant conversation. This encouraging and hope filled show is phone intensive as the listeners share their unique and uplifting stories. Night Light not only inspires listeners but also gives them a sense of community.

Andrea explains, “Knowing that you’re not alone in this world is a powerful thing and gives you a sense of peace.” The hope that Night Light offers reaches listeners hearts and impacts their lives far beyond the airwaves.

“Night Light™ with Andrea” ranges in topics from adoption to marital advice to talking about your kids to wedding day bloopers to anything that is of interest to women. This engaging and entertaining show offers listeners a chance to express themselves in a safe environment and encourages them to share their own life experience.

About the Host:

Andrea Jaxson is the host of one of the highest rated evening radio shows. For over 15 years Andrea has been entertaining her listeners, and is recognized as one of the top talents in radio. She began her radio career at the early age of seventeen at Dolly Parton’s radio station WDLY in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Andrea quickly found herself working at 107.7 WIVK in Knoxville Tennessee, which held the #1 market share in the country music at the time. Before moving to Dallas, Andrea had a brief stint at the Top 40 station Star 93.1 as Music Director and Mid-Day personality. Andrea is considered a veteran in the radio industry with close to 22 years of experience including 15 years in a top 5 market. She has been voted “On Air Personality of the Year” by Program Director.Net and “Radio Person of the Day” by Radio Daily News. Andrea has a great passion for life and people. She loves traveling and catching a round of golf on the weekends with her husband Mike.

Experience Night Light™ with Andrea

“I have been so touched by the show and I think Andrea’s open hearted discussions reach people in a fresh way that is TRULY LIFE CHANGING. Our society has become so closed off from one another with little hope or positive words and this show changes that in a huge way.”

“Whether it is a combination of laughter, sweet smiles, and sometimes tears, Night Light with Andrea always provides hope and expectation through listeners’ stories. I love experiencing the unique bond we, as listeners, have in Jesus Christ. I am also grateful that my seventeen year old daughter is drawn to listening to the program, as well. We LOVE Night Light!”

“About two years ago, as I was listening to your program, you played a song by Mark Shultz “Everything to Me”. That song had a very emotional impact on me, as I had a son 39 years ago that I gave up for adoption, and I never had any contact or information on him. I had never heard that song before and it was very difficult for me to listen to. But I found myself drawn to listen time and time again (first online then I finally went out and got the cd), each time crying and yearning for some contact with him. Because at that time I had also just went through a painful divorce from my husband of 33 years, the timing to do that was not right as I was not emotionally stable. In November of 2011, at his 39th birthday, I decided to initiate a search for him. On January 31, 2012, I received a call with an update on him. And on March 8, 2012, I met my son for the first time since his birth. We had an instant connection and continue to talk every day. Even though I missed almost 40 years of being with him, our bond had never been severed. I praise God for His infinite wisdom! I wanted to share this story with you because God used you in such an instrumental way to reunite us and I wanted to thank you so much. I am attaching a photo of me with my son Adam taken that weekend. God truly uses you in such an amazing way!”