Good News: Tween Cancer Survivor Invents ‘Chemo Backpack’

When 11-year-old Kylie Simonds of Naugatuck, Conn., was given a school assignment to invent something that solves an everyday problem, she didn’t go the typical route of kids her age. Instead, she drew from her personal experience with rhabdomyosarcoma, rare childhood cancer of bone or soft tissue, to provide a helpful tool for kids battling debilitating illnesses. And though it might look like a simple backpack, it’s actually much more. Kylie knew better than anyone that a huge struggle for kids fighting cancer was the immobility they faced. Not only did she often feel too ill or weak, but when she was feeling up to the activity of playtime she would have IV poles standing in her way. In an interview, she mentioned often tripping over wires and always being forced to rely on someone to help her get around. Young Kylie has been a big motivator in the IV Pediatric Backpack for KidsWithCancer, helping children gain back some of their independence. Click here for more on Kylie’s story and the future of these awesome inventions!