Shine.FM Teens Shine!

Wow!  We love hearing Good News Stories from our Shine.FM listeners.  Here’s another great story from our friends at Crown Point Christian School:


Derek wrote, “This year I have really stepped in my faith.  Before 6th grade, I was a casual Christian.  I went to church, acted good, prayed before every meal, and went to church.  But this year it was different.   I am in Mr. Stallinga’s class and I learned a lot about exploring deeper into Christ.  If I ever have a question, I just look in the Bible. I pray whenever I need comfort, and when I did that this morning, God told me in order to grow in my faith, I need to accept Jesus into my heart for real.  So I did!  My Dad, my best friend Jared, and Mr. Stallinga all encourage me.  Someday I will speak in chapel and tell everyone how to use Christ in school.”

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