Good News: Youtube Prankster Helps Homeless Man


A YouTube prankster has taken his acts of charity to a new level, raising enough money to put a roof over the head of a homeless man. Rahat is usually pranking drive-through workers or acting out illusions such as walking on water through his “Magic of Rahat” YouTube channel. But in March, the magician staged a prank, which received 15 million views, in which he helped a homeless man cash a fake lottery ticket. The “winning” ticket was part of an elaborate stunt to raise the man’s spirits and give him $1,000. Since then, viewers have reached out to Rahat with more donations.  The homeless man, Eric, has since appeared in some of Rahat’s videos. In the magician’s latest piece, Eric is once again the focal point.  “Homeless Man Gets A Home” starts with Rahat revealing that he received $44,000 in donations and then breaks down how the money will be used to help Eric.  And before the end of the video, Eric has a job and a new home!  Watch this video here.