Good News: Utah Town Helps Airman Through Facebook

How many of us go onto Facebook just to see what our friends are doing? Well here is a story of an airman (just back in the country after 7 years oversees) that was making his way from his home in Vancouver, Washington to report for duty in Texas. As Staff Sergeant Rowan Coash was driving through Utah his car broke down. He called a friend in Washington while he waited for a tow truck. His friend Erica posted on Facebook “Anybody out there in Facebook Land near Price, Utah and willing to help a soldier?”. He got a rental truck and left his car behind in order to report on time. The Facebook posts continued to spread and inspired a car repair shop to donate time to rebuild the engine of his car at no cost. They also were able to ship the car to Rowan in Texas, again at no charge. Click here to hear more about this story!