Good News: Teen Fulfills Mom’s Dying Wish

Leo Klink is a 17-year-old soccer star in Hawaii.  He didn’t always think he was great at the game, but his mom Hiroyo encouraged him through his doubts.  Her dream was for her son to get into a great college – either through athletics or academics.  Hiroyo really loved soccer and was most happy watching her son play.  In Leo’s senior year, he led his team to the state championship game.  During the game, Hiroyo had a stroke and was rushed to the hospital.  She knew her son would be too distracted to finish the game if he knew it was her who had fallen ill.  She told her husband to tell the coach not to tell Leo until the game was over.  Leo, who ended up scoring all 3 goals for his winning team, fell to his knees on the field when he found out what happened to his mom.  He rushed to the hospital and squeezed her hand.  He let her know that his team won the game, which was the most important thing to her.  Read this bittersweet story here.