Good News: SACKed Idea Helps Kids Witness To 95 Families


Here’s another SACKed story from one of our listeners!
“I was listening to the radio the other day and heard about handing out Valentine’s Day cards by placing them on windshields at our work parking lots. That gave me an idea for our Children’s ministry yesterday and I wanted to tell you our story.

Here goes:

Today I taught the 3rd to 5th grade kids the importance of
witnessing/ministry. The point being that you never know what someone’s going through; they may just need to hear that Jesus loves them.

To put the lesson into practice, our kids wrote on the back of some Valentine’s Day cards saying, “Jesus Loves You.” And during our Bible Time, we took those cards and placed them on windshields throughout the AMC parking lot where we meet. Some of the recipients are church members but many were not. All-in-all, our kids placed Valentine’s Day cards on 95 vehicles this morning! That’s 95 families that our Kids ministered to today!”


If you want to get involved, check out SACKed here.