Good News: Natalie Grant Sings For Family Caught In Hoax


Shine.FM artist Natalie Grant got caught up in the same web of lies as other celebrities when she fell in love with a little girl named Claire, who she was told, was a fan of her music. Natalie remembers she was visiting Hawaii when she spoke with a woman she believed was Claire’s mom. When she first began speaking to her, Claire’s mom said her music means so much to their family, her little girl loves her song “Held” and it means so much to me as a mom because it’s what is kind of keeping us going.  Natalie got on the phone with the girl herself and sang to her. Natalie said, “I never could quite shake that feeling, that in the back of my head that something about it just didn’t sound like a real little girl. I struggled with guilt, thinking how could you even think that?”  But Natalie was right to have doubts. The little girl on the phone was not real but the photos that she received in e-mails were real. They show Ellie Skees a young girl who loved animals and Egypt and had a great sense of humor. Five years before Natalie grant ever saw her picture, she had died of neuroblastoma. The Skees family knew their daughter’s photos had been used to hoax celebrities but they didn’t know until a news investigation was that Natalie grant was among the people who had received them. When they found out that Natalie granted was one of them, it — they were sad for her but was really touched for our sakes because she had already touched them with her song “Held,” and they were so amazed by that.  The family was flown to Dallas to one of Natalie’s concerts.  They were able to meet, exchange gifts and tears, and enjoy a private mini-concert that, in the end, gave the family closure.  Check out the full story here.