Good News: Lowe’s Employees Repair Veteran’s Wheelchair

Staten Island native Michael Solsona is a double amputee who lost his legs above the knee after stepping on a land mine in Vietnam. Solsona depends on a wheelchair to get around, though he has had many problems with the equipment over the years. The veteran stated that he has been waiting for a new chair for “as long as he can remember.” During a recent shopping trip Lowe’s, Solsona’s wheelchair literally gave out. He and his wife planned on finding the proper tools in the store to fix the chair themselves. That is when three Lowe’s employees stepped in. “They tore the wheelchair apart. They tried all different types of bolts,” Solsona told WABC. “I was thanking them and they said, ‘You’re not leaving here until the wheelchair is like new.’” Click here for more on these employees’ incredible act of kindness!