Good News: Lost Red Sox Title Ring Returned By Yankees Fan

A lost Red Sox World Series ring is back on the finger of its owner, thanks to a nifty pickup by a New York Yankees fan. Restaurant owner Luigi Militello couldn’t believe it when he found the 2013 championship ring on a restroom sink at his Manhattan bar and grill. Drew Weber had dined at the restaurant earlier, it’s one of his favorite spots. He’s a New York businessman and also owns the Lowell Spinners, a thriving Red Sox Class A minor league team in Massachusetts. Weber said this was the first time he’d worn the ring outside. Hoping against hope, Weber called Luke’s after midnight. Militello answered the phone and said, yep, he had the ring. The two put their Sox vs. Yankees rivalry behind them and met to exchange the ring and also had a nice chat about baseball. Click here for more on this story!