Good News: Grieving Parents Shave Heads To Honor Son’s Memory


Sam was only 8 years old when he died of leukemia on Dec. 14, 2013. Phyllis, his mom, can tell you without missing a beat exactly how many days it’s been since he passed away. She’s the brains behind Superman Samuel, a poignant and heart-wrenching blog that has chronicled Sam’s story and her family’s rays of happiness, clouds of unspeakable grief, and the never-ending storms of strife throughout his treatment, death, and the aftermath.  One of the many hard parts for Sam during his fight was losing his hair.  The hard part for the family now is knowing that only 4% of federal cancer research funding goes toward childhood cancers.  But this year, on April 1, Phyllis and her husband, along with 70 of their closest friends, shaved their heads in Sam’s honor, all to raise funds for cancer research.  So far, they have raised over $620,000.  Check out their story here.