Good News: Former Florida State DB Turns In Walmart Badge For Shot With Buffalo Bills

On lunch breaks, Jajuan Harley ducked into a bathroom, took off his blue shirt and name tag, changed into workout clothes, and headed outside to run a steep hill until it was time to return to work. Or he would head to the parking lot of his Florida Walmart Superstore, and run around the parking lot, weaving through the rows of shopping cart holders. Or he would sneak into the fitness section and do some dumbbell curls. Anything to chase his football dream that once seemed so assured. Five years ago, Harley was a prized recruit, a four-star safety from Tallahassee. On Jan. 1 of this year, only a few miles from the Florida State campus where he was supposed to become a household name, Harley walked away from his $7.73 per hour salary at Walmart to train full time for one more chance at big-time football. He emailed every single NFL team, hoping for a response. Now, a few months later, he’s the longest of long shots at Buffalo Bills training camp. Click here to find out more about Harley’s ambition and big dreams!