Good News: Firefighter Helps Chihuahua Cheat Death – Again

She’s being called a “miracle dog.” A one-year-old Chihuahua named Pony has faced tragedy twice in her short life. Pony is cute and cuddly and tough as nails. In 2013 she survived the awful fertilizer explosion in the town of West, Texas, and Yvette Childers adopted her as a refugee pet. But last week, death came calling again. Trapped in a crate in the back of Childers’ rolling motor home when the RV burst into flames. Rescuers cut open the RV to get to Pony’s crate. Captain Scott Ledet feared it was too late. “So when I saw the dog in the back of the cage. It was lifeless. I knew it was not a good situation.” But firefighters like Ledet are also dog lovers. He’s especially fond of Chihuahuas. “I removed my mask and my helmet and I just started doing CPR, like I would on any other occasion.” Click here to see this cute little miracle dog and her fearless rescuer!