Good News: Down’s Syndrome Brother Team Spirit Leader


Champ, a brother to major league baseball prospect Tyger, has seen more baseball than most, and charmed more than most, and the two seem to go together for Champ. When Tyger’s Pacific team was struggling midseason, Champ sent Tyger a text message. Play hard, it said. Play with energy. There were more like that. Tyger read it to the team on the bus, and the team loved it, and head coach Ed Sprague – the former big-leaguer – invited Champ to sit in the dugout and wear the uniform, and pretty soon Champ had a job. Before every home game, Champ read his homespun speeches to the players. Pretty soon, Champ was traveling too, rooming with his little brother, picking up bats and gear, and waking up every morning with a job to do.  Champ’s parents called the coach at the end of the season to thank them for allowing Champ to participate, but the coach teared up, saying that he wouldn’t have traded Champ’s encouraging spirit for anything!  Read more about this wonderful family here.