Good News: Cop Goes Above And Beyond


When burglary detective Derek Pratico was called to the scene of an automobile robbery in Jacksonville, Florida, he found a young mother who was distraught over what had been stolen from inside her car.  The mom had just received her tax refund and had gone out to buy her son birthday presents and clothing for herself and her family.  He went back to the station, wrote up the burglary report and tried to call it a day – but he couldn’t stop thinking of the little boy’s ruined third birthday.  He bought the boy a toy police car, a birthday card, and even a birthday cake!  On the boy’s birthday, Derek showed up at the family’s house and delivered the presents and cake he had purchased. The mom’s wallet had been in her stolen car, so Derek also purchased a $100 gift card to a local grocery store to help her get back on her feet.  Talk about above and beyond the call of duty!