Good News: Bullied Bus Monitor Teaches Kindness


Remember the story about Karen Klein, the school bus monitor that was bullied on the bus by 4 boys?  She is a widow and was a bus monitor because she couldn’t afford to retire.  The 10-minute cellphone video of her being ridiculed, sworn at and threatened by a group of seventh-graders went viral last June. They poked at her hearing aid and called her names as she tried to ignore them.  After that went viral, she was interviewed by the Today show and all the other major news outlets, and strangers started donating her money.  All in all, she received over $700,000.  Klein used part of it as seed money for the Karen Klein Anti-Bullying Foundation, which teaches kindness at concerts and through books. Most recently, the foundation partnered with the Moscow Ballet to raise awareness of cyberbullying as the dance company tours the United States and Canada.  And now, she’s finally been able to retire.  She said the major lesson she’s learned this past year is that there really are a lot of wonderful people in the world.  Read her full story here.