Good News: Another Shine.FM Teen Shines

One of our Shine.FM listeners is stepping up in his middle school to point people to Christ.  Way to go Jared!

“Hi I’m Jared Krygsheld. I am in middle school at Crown Point Christian School. When I was six I accepted Christ into my heart but I thought that was all I had two do. From second two the begging of six grade I just prayed when my parents did (at the dinner table) and opened my bible when I had two (bible class). When I had one of my sister’s favorite teachers Mr. Jeff Stalling he really opened my eyes two what I really had two do two make going two heaven worth wild. I talk to the teacher at my school who was in charge of the chapel and got signed up two do one. When that day came I was nerves but ten minutes before the chapel I prayed for me not to be nerves. After I was done I wanted two talk more about Christ because I had finally got over that weird feeling. After that day I have talk to many kids about Christ.”

If you missed Jared’s story on Shine Mornings, listen here.